Friday, January 30, 2015

Lint Remover - Best Electric Rechargeable by Just-f-Care

I have covered almost everything in my video but in short this is an amazing product. I truely am in love with this smooth worker :) It cleaned up the lint with just one swipe (seriously).
Its handheld and the size is perfect, so is the ergonomics of this product. Its light on the hand and powerful in the job.
The lint is accumulated in a transparent compartment which is removable and can be cleaned and put back again. This is a rechargeable lint remover so no fuss of battery.
The packaging of this product is really good and it comes with an extra blade (awesome) and cleaning brush and the charging wire.
I will say that one should have this product handy, it will make your worn out clothes better with this quick fix.
 Available on amazon for $19.47 (link posted below)
  • Lint Remover makes users' clothes look like new, making it perfect to use for removing lint on sweater, cardigans, gloves, hats, scarves, skirts, and more...
  • Sharp Rotary Blades cut lint and fuzz balls without pulling fabric threads. This means effective lint removal without causing damage to the clothing. The device has a 2 inch head that can cover larger surface.
  • The device glides well over worn areas that can eliminate the unwanted fibers that can ruin the look of clothes. It has an adjustable head, making it suitable to use in all types of clothing with short or long fibers.
  • Rechargeable, hand held, very much portable and easy to use and clean. It is lightweight, safe and won't damage fabrics with its protectable blades that are designed to be effective and safe on clothes.

Exfolimate Kit - Reduces Visible Signs Of Aging - Clear Skin Naturally

  • Reduces Visible Signs Of Aging!
  • Silky smooth, clear skin--naturally!
  • Surgical grade stainless steel edge
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Includes two exfoliators for face and body.
Wow this product is an advanced technology for the skin. It has opnened a new arena for my beauty needs.
at first look it may look scary but no it does not have sharp edges so its completely safe. It comes in two sizes for ease of use.
the big one is good for larger areas of your body and works great on the bottom of your feets to scrape away the dry skin. But make sure to wet the skin before using it for it to work well.
a leaflet is given with very easy to understand instructions.
you can use this product as a combo with some homemade remedies. for example i applied a later of gram flour mixed with water on my face and used the exfolimator to remove it. This will help remove not only dead skin but also remove any unwanted tan.

The gram flour mix can be used in two ways: (for lightening the skin and tan removal)
1. Mix gram flour with oats, honey and little water and scrub it over face. Wash it off with water.
2. Mix 1tbsp gram flour with 2-3tbsp water and make a little runny paste. Apply on face and use your Exfolimator to gently scrub it away. Wipe your face with damp cloth.

the skin feels really smooth after using this. I feel more confident and good since i have started using exfolimator.
i totally recommend it.
Available on amazon for $29.99

Thursday, January 29, 2015

100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm-4 Flavor Multi Pack

Lip balm is a must for the winters. I simply HAVE to keep one in my purse or handy enough to reach me when i need it. Avia skincare natural lip balm is made of  beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, lanolin, and vitamin E making it truely a 100% natural product.
This pack had some very unique flavors which were completely new to me. Honey and pink lemonade were a pleasent surprise. I really like the pink lemonade. Its fragrance was something i really liked lingering on :)
Mint and pear were a sure hit too.
The application was very very smooth and nice. It glided very nicely.
Also what i liked about this was that it did not leave a greasy residue behind like most other lip balms which then cake up on your lips making layers of more dry skin. This was smooth till it lasted, and it did last for 2 hours or so
The best thing about this product is that its a pack of 4 :) now i can keep one in my every purse so I never forget.

  • Avia Skincare All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm contains the best natural moisturizers to give you soft lips with no crazy additives.
  • Made with quality ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, lanolin, and vitamin E. They are even flavored naturally!
  • The smooth creamy texture, delicious fragrance and sweet taste will win you over from the first application.
  • Wonderful flavors-Frosted Pear, Honey, Double Mint and Pink Lemonade-A flavor for everyone.
  • No animal testing ever in any Avia Skincare product. Proudly made in the USA.
Available on amazon for $9.99 (product link given below)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Best Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

This thermometer is a must have for healthy eating and much much more.
It comes in a nice hardy cover which protects the thermometer. It has a hold button, on/off button and Celsius to Fahrenheit button. This option makes it usable worldwide and very convenient.
On the package is a tiny chart which shows what kind of food is cooked on what temperature. I would have like it if this chart was a little bigger so that i could maybe stick it on my refrigerator to refer back. But nonetheless this product is really important so that you know you have a properly cooked meal every time.
  • Serves up delicious properly cooked meat every time. Never burn, undercook or ruin meat ever again.
  • Large Instant Read Dial-3 buttons-Records previous temperature- C or F -Auto Shutoff saves battery.
  • Extra long probe and plastic handle for maximum safety. Sheath with pocket clip for convenience.
  • FULL Guarantee removes all risk. Use the Instant Read thermometer on BBQ Range or Grill confidently.
  • Make ruined roasts and steaks a thing of the past with Instant Read BBQ and Cooking Thermometers.
I received this product in promotion for the purpose of my honest and unbiased review.

This also worked quite well in liquid but jut make sure before inserting in any liquid for measurement, run it under cold water so the temperature of the thermometer is adjusted well.

You can find this in amazon for $18.99 (product link given below)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chalkboard Labels: Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry Labels Set of 52

Positively surprised with this product. Its rich and premium look along with the efficiency with which it performs its work is amazing.
This comes with 52 different labels in various sizes. These sizes are just perfect for using on a variety of surfaces like:
Plastic boxes
Fridge (like a sticky note)
Even on the walls just to decorate it. It literally sticks on about anything with ease and peels out with the same ease.
An kind of chalk can be used to write on it and it does come out smoothly. All I had to do was a damp cloth to erase the old text and I had it again as good as new.
Its reuse-able making it value for money.
This product has really made my kitchen so much more organized and clean. Now I don't need to make a mess of the unnamed jars by opening each one of them to check out if that is what i want. Its all made easy thanks to these labels.
You can find these on starting at about $11 (the product link is given below)

I received this product at a discount through a promotional offer and this is my honest and unbiased review.

Monday, January 26, 2015

TreeActiv+ Tea Tree Oil Acne Solution for Advanced Acne Treatment

This product is a really tiny bottle. Looks like a perfume sample but is in a very concentrated form. You need to add oil to dilute and use it. I used this around 3 times on the affected area and VOILA the acne almost gone :)
I was really surprised by the effectiveness of this product. I do not recommend using this in the concentrated form as it can be a little harsh on the already sensitive area.
A few tips you can use for diluting this are:
- Diluting with water is the most easiest way
- Dilute with oil. This will work wonders for your skin making it healthy and glow but only downside will be that you will have to wash it off in few hours due to the oil remains
- You can use many stuff you can find at home the best being turmeric. Add a drop in half a tsp of turmeric and its THE best thing for your skin.
Overall a very very good product to have.

It is available on amazon (link below) for $13.77

TreeActiv+ Tea Tree Oil Acne Solution for Advanced Acne Treatment

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts -100% Pure

Adovia Dead Sea Salt - Pure Dead Sea Bath Salts for Skin Softening Baths and DIY Skin Care Products is a natural product made from the Dead sea. Its got more minerals than the normal sea salts making this the ultimate essential for a healthy glowing skin.
It provides relief from Psoriasis, Eczema, and Arthritis symptoms. Formulated with over 26 essential minerals the body needs for natural soothing and relaxation.
I could feel the difference in my skin on the first use itself. You can use it as a bath salt by adding this to your bathtub and filling it with water and wait till it dissolves. It gives a soothing relaxed feel to your body draining it from any stress. As this is a natural ingredient it does not contain any scent. So if you like to soothe your senses even more with your bath you can add any essential oil of your choice.
This is also great for body scrubbing by simply taking some in your hands and working on your skin to clean away the dead skin. Mixing a few drops of oil with this will make it easier to apply as a scrub.
Using this has made my body feel soft and supple and the softness stays quite a while.
I really liked it and i think the price is pretty decent too considering the quantity and packaging. It comes in a resealable bag which helps in keeping out the moisture and your product fresh for much longer.

I received this product for the purpose of unbiased review.

Currently on amazon for $11.95

Click here to purchase this item 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Victoria's Secret BRONZE All over Bronzing Stick

I bought the Victoria's secret Bronze all over bronzing stick from the semi annual sale for about $10 which I realise isn't really a steal :( Its available online in some local stores for about $7.50

But nonetheless the product isn't bad. Its not too great either. I have used a couple of bronzing sticks and this one comes under a mediocre range for me. It glides well on the skin and gives a great color, but at times it gives an over tanned look. If you are very fair having pink undertones to your skin then this will not be the best option for you as its a little dark when applied to the skin. The color is very prominent and so is the bronze effect.

If you like a subtle look then do not go for this, but if you like the glitter then go ahead and but it :) 


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Essence gel eyeliner and precise eyelinerbrush

Eye make up is my favorite. I have tonnes and tonnes of them even though i use only some, which are my fav bunch. And this one right here is one of them :)

This is one of the cheapest options for gel eyeliner and a good one too. The gel eyeliner comes for about $3.99 and the brush for $1.99
And the color is sharp. The pigmentation is great and has a very very smooth finish.
The brush has fine hair and very light feel on the skin. But its really efficient. One stroke almost does the work.
You can use this for both the upper as well as the lower eye and it stays for quite long without smudging out.

I have read a few reviews online comparing this to MAC gel eyeliner and saying that this one gets cracks and dries out etc. Be realistic!
MAC gel eyeliner goes for about $19.99 and comparing this to it isnt really fair.
But in all fairness I still prefer the Essence gel eyeliner as it doesnt pinch my pocket and by the time this does dry out i believe the expiry date for me to change it will have arrived :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Victoria's Secret MIRACULOUS Dry Body Oil

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. 
I bought this at the semi annual sale at Victoria' secret and it was marked down to $10 at my store. Its got a pump and not spray and comes out in an oily texture in your hands.
But once you apply it, it just vanishes into your skin. You can't see any oiliness on the skin. Infact its smooth and soft.
The fragrance is just great. Very subtle and cosy kinda smell.
Its infused with nourishing argan, grapeseed & monoi oils. Good to keep skin healthy
The lowest price i can find online is on amazon for around $17.99 plus shipping of $6.99 so i am pretty happy with my deal :) :)

Vegetable Spirilizer - Non-electric

Easy Julienne - Kitchens Best Gadget - Zucchini - Carrots & More - A Veggie Spaghetti Alternative to Pasta Noodles - Simple Hand Held Vegetable Spirilizer - Non-electric W/2 Sizes of Stainless Steel Cutting Blades - Made of Durable ABS Plastic!

Good product for quick fix. Looks durable and the blades are sharp too.

The only problem i found was the size. It was too mini for me to handle hence making it difficult to slice when the vegetables reach their end.

Overall a handy product to keep. Useful for shreds and salads.

Vegetable slicer link 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Physicians formula shimmer strip custom eye enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio

A very versatile eyeliner for defining the eye. Its very smooth but not too pigmented in my opinion.
Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Paraben free. Dermatologist approved. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Gluten Free

The swatches that I did came out great on my hands but when you apply to the inner eye, it lacks the defining factor. Its not able to bring out the intense color which i expected seeing the product. The packaging and the look of the pencil is great. Very sleek and crisp design.

It comes in many colors and my pack had black, purple and brown. The black was good and stayed longer then the other two.
It worked great on the upper lids and for smudging on the lower eye. Its got a hint of shimmer so it really worked well with my smokey eye look.

This is available online and in stores are approx $9.49

Brookeside crunchy clusters

I got this sample from crowdtap missions. And i must say it was delicious. Like almost every person on this planet i too get the hunger pangs few times a day and this was the perfect thing to munch on. It tastes almost like rice crispies covered in chocolate with a few berries here and there. Its yummy and bite size making it perfect to munch on.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Influenster voxbox unilever Degree dry spray

My first try of this product was a very good experience. I do not normally use deodorant because of the reason that neither does it last too long nor does it stay dry. My underarms feel really sweaty and uncomfortable whenever i use spray deo.
But this is truly a dry spray. It did dry up within seconds and left the skin very comfortable.
The fragrance was really fresh and somewhat garden feel. It did last for a couple of hours longer than normal deos'.
I will definitely recommend it.

influenster link 

You can watch the un-boxing video from the link below.

I received this free sample from influenster.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Children's Advil Suspension Sugar Free, Dye free berry

I recieved this from a product sampling and review website called
I had never used this product before and was pleasently surprised with the effectiveness.
The kids liked the taste and there wasnt any side effects.
Moreover as it is dye free i am assured that no stains will remain if it spills by mistake while trying to spoon the kids.
Thumbs up to this.

Chill Bag - Bean Bags 8-Feet Bean Bag

Product Description Color:  MicroSuede -Camel Looking for a large bean bag chair? look no further! our 8 foot sack is the largest...