Thursday, January 15, 2015

Essence gel eyeliner and precise eyelinerbrush

Eye make up is my favorite. I have tonnes and tonnes of them even though i use only some, which are my fav bunch. And this one right here is one of them :)

This is one of the cheapest options for gel eyeliner and a good one too. The gel eyeliner comes for about $3.99 and the brush for $1.99
And the color is sharp. The pigmentation is great and has a very very smooth finish.
The brush has fine hair and very light feel on the skin. But its really efficient. One stroke almost does the work.
You can use this for both the upper as well as the lower eye and it stays for quite long without smudging out.

I have read a few reviews online comparing this to MAC gel eyeliner and saying that this one gets cracks and dries out etc. Be realistic!
MAC gel eyeliner goes for about $19.99 and comparing this to it isnt really fair.
But in all fairness I still prefer the Essence gel eyeliner as it doesnt pinch my pocket and by the time this does dry out i believe the expiry date for me to change it will have arrived :)

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