Friday, January 30, 2015

Exfolimate Kit - Reduces Visible Signs Of Aging - Clear Skin Naturally

  • Reduces Visible Signs Of Aging!
  • Silky smooth, clear skin--naturally!
  • Surgical grade stainless steel edge
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Includes two exfoliators for face and body.
Wow this product is an advanced technology for the skin. It has opnened a new arena for my beauty needs.
at first look it may look scary but no it does not have sharp edges so its completely safe. It comes in two sizes for ease of use.
the big one is good for larger areas of your body and works great on the bottom of your feets to scrape away the dry skin. But make sure to wet the skin before using it for it to work well.
a leaflet is given with very easy to understand instructions.
you can use this product as a combo with some homemade remedies. for example i applied a later of gram flour mixed with water on my face and used the exfolimator to remove it. This will help remove not only dead skin but also remove any unwanted tan.

The gram flour mix can be used in two ways: (for lightening the skin and tan removal)
1. Mix gram flour with oats, honey and little water and scrub it over face. Wash it off with water.
2. Mix 1tbsp gram flour with 2-3tbsp water and make a little runny paste. Apply on face and use your Exfolimator to gently scrub it away. Wipe your face with damp cloth.

the skin feels really smooth after using this. I feel more confident and good since i have started using exfolimator.
i totally recommend it.
Available on amazon for $29.99


  1. Can you post more detail about making the gram flour and water mix to remove the tan with exfolimate, sounds useful?

  2. I have updated the post with more info on the gramflour remedy :)


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