Friday, January 30, 2015

Lint Remover - Best Electric Rechargeable by Just-f-Care

I have covered almost everything in my video but in short this is an amazing product. I truely am in love with this smooth worker :) It cleaned up the lint with just one swipe (seriously).
Its handheld and the size is perfect, so is the ergonomics of this product. Its light on the hand and powerful in the job.
The lint is accumulated in a transparent compartment which is removable and can be cleaned and put back again. This is a rechargeable lint remover so no fuss of battery.
The packaging of this product is really good and it comes with an extra blade (awesome) and cleaning brush and the charging wire.
I will say that one should have this product handy, it will make your worn out clothes better with this quick fix.
 Available on amazon for $19.47 (link posted below)
  • Lint Remover makes users' clothes look like new, making it perfect to use for removing lint on sweater, cardigans, gloves, hats, scarves, skirts, and more...
  • Sharp Rotary Blades cut lint and fuzz balls without pulling fabric threads. This means effective lint removal without causing damage to the clothing. The device has a 2 inch head that can cover larger surface.
  • The device glides well over worn areas that can eliminate the unwanted fibers that can ruin the look of clothes. It has an adjustable head, making it suitable to use in all types of clothing with short or long fibers.
  • Rechargeable, hand held, very much portable and easy to use and clean. It is lightweight, safe and won't damage fabrics with its protectable blades that are designed to be effective and safe on clothes.


  1. Appears to be a powerful little gadget! This would be very handy with my husbands wool sweaters that are always building up with lint balls. Great price also, thanks for sharing.

    1. It is a great product. I did not expect this handy device to work so good.


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