Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Art of Air Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Kits are an excellent starting point for home users and great for professionals on the go. This airbrush makeup kit was put together with the professional makeup artist in mind but easy enough for beginner home use.
* Super Quiet Mini Airbrush Compressor with Fully Adjustable Airflow Control Settings, 6 Foot Push on Rubber Airbrush Hose and Airbrush Holder. Operates at 12V DC with a 110V AC plug in Adapter

* Professional Precision Single-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush with a 0.4mm Tip & 1/16 oz Cup. Airbrush is designed to provide an ultra fine mist of makeup, allowing you to achieve a flawless, soft natural complexion.

* Fair to Medium Tone Makeup Foundation (6 x 1/2oz bottles) : Golden Olive, Sand, Honey, Buff Beige, Suntan Glo, Moca

* Anti-Aging Moisturizing Primer (1/2 oz Bottle) for use before, during or after makeup is applied.

* Tropical Bronzer (1/4 oz Bottle) A radiant enhancer for eyes and cheeks to achieve that healthy radiant after sun glow.

* Papaya Blush (1/4 oz Bottle) Perfectly pigmented to achieve a natural healthy-looking color that instantly brightens your complexion.

* Pearl Shimmer Highlighter (1/4 oz Bottle) to create a radiant pearlized effect and emphasize features on body, face, eyes and cheeks

* Airbrush Cleaner (4oz Bottle)

* Deluxe Carrying Bag

A complete makeup system for the glamorous DIVA look.
Firstly I must compliment how well made this whole system is. The art of airbrush make up kit has everything you need and more for your make up routine. The machine itself is very durable and easy to use.

The instructions are very elaborate and easy to understand for even a person who may never have done any kind of make up before. It was my first ever try at airbrush makeup and I must say I never looked better.
The gun/ brush is very smooth and the spray is very nicely spread out.

This kit includes 6 shades of foundation for you to mix and match and make the color that matches yours perfectly.
Then there is an anti aging primer, blush, shimmer and bronzer. Basically you have it all.
You can even purchase colors available separately and use with this system. Your eye makeup too can be done with this.
This is a water based system and you can use any water based makeup foundations in this.
I will totally recommend this specially for this price its s great buy.

You can watch the video for a comprehensive look at the product and its features.


  1. Saves lots of time with this product with so much perfection in applying it.

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    1. Thank you for the words of appreciation. This really encourages me to work harder :)


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