Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Face Cream for Women-Best Vitamin C Cream System By ADELLA Skincare

Perfect for my winter blues.
My skin always tends to become dry and stretchy during the winters. Moreover I have sensitive skin so I avoid using any product as I get really paranoid. But this worked wonders from the word go. It has Vitamic C and Shea Butter (which is one of most favorite ingredients).
It does all that it claims and even more.
My skin feels so much more softer by using this. And the stretchy feeling is gone. This cream is not at all greasy. It gets absorbed easily hence does not leave you feeling uncomfortable.
I also have little redness around my cheekbone which has become visibly lesser since I have started using this product.
Thanks to Adella skincare's products my daily routine consists of using the facial cleansing system and then applying this face cream.
I do not need to go to a salon for facial anymore. Its all covered right at the convenience of my home.

  • Anti Aging Cream - Shea Butter, Vitamin C, Collagen
  • Anti-Wrinkle, Instant-Lift Solution
  • Absolutely perfect for all skin types and customers have advised it even helps ease skin damage after radiation treatments have left skin dry and scaly.
  • Formulated to remove wrinkles & fine lines and restore your skin's elasticity
  • Natural ingredients for fresher, younger looking skin
 For a link to the product click below. Available on amazon for $25

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