Wednesday, February 11, 2015

La Belleza Skincare 2fl/oz Vitamin C 20% Strength Serum for Face, Body, Hands and Nails

Vitamin C serums have been gaining popularity in recent times. They work great on most of your body parts, including face, hands, feet and even make your nails healthy.
This is an organic formula to help rejuvenate your skin, making it healthy and glow. Also works as an anti aging product which gives results relatively faster. Vitamin C repairs and regenerates skin cells. La Belleza is a comprehensive skincare and anti aging formula for powerful results against all signs of aging.
Its not greasy and does not leave an oily look. It rather dries up fast and and you do not feel like you have anything on your face.
This bottle comes with a pump cover which makes it very very easy to apply the product without any mess. I really liked this product.

Turn Back the Clock, Get the Glowing Radiant Skin of Your 20s
Best Vitamin C 20% Serum on Amazon Specially Formulated for All
-Visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and other signs of aging.
-Clinically proven anti aging formula that delivers results FAST
- Organic formulation that naturally nourishes skin and restores youthful glow. La Belleza Vitamin C Serum is the breakthrough product you are looking for to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore the radiant skin of your 20s. The high potency natural formulation of La Belleza DELIVERS results FAST
Experience the Benefits of High Potency Vitamin C 20% serum
Our product has been formulated to contain precise scientific concentrations of Vitamin C 20% and other ingredients clinically proven to boost collagen synthesis. In a study, 95% of the participants reported improvement in their skin within a few days of use. It's your turn NOW
La Belleza is gentle and suitable for all skin types. Make La Belleza part of your daily skin care routine for smooth glowing skin

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