Pedisoft- Electric Pedicure Callus Remover Kit

my own spa for my feet right at home. This product is just so convenient to use and easy to store.
You can use it right out of the box from the moment it arrives. Its so handy and works really really well. I always had a rough feet which once if you leave it the way it is then you cannot get rid of it easily.
The roller is not at all sharp in the sense that it could cut or scratch your feet, to the contrary its very light but very effective.
This is also rechargeable which saves you the problem of buying batteries. This is so much more convenient than pumice stone. The kit looks so adorable. It also comes with an extra roller and a brush for cleaning.
Remove those hard, thick callouses effortlessly
- Never face those embarrassing moments again!
- Have confidence to wear Flip Flops or Sandals in public
- Your feet will feel amazing and everyone will notice
- Save money with a Pedicure in your hand!


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