Friday, February 20, 2015

PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat

finally a product for my sound sleep. I would hate waking up every night trying to rotate the pillow upside down so that i can have the cooler side again. But this would end up in me breaking my sleep.
I have been using this PolarGel cool pillow mat since a few days and I must say now I am sleeping better. Infact I do not remember waking up in the middle of the night.
Its so easy to use and store. It does not slip away thanks to the "non slip straps" it comes with and infact do not feel anything below my head. It maintains an even temperature for almost a large part of the night. You may even place the polar gel pillow in the refrigerator if you want the temperature colder.
Its fold-able making it very easy to store.
It also comes with a free cooling bandana, which if soaked in water expands in size and you can wrap it around your head like a headband for those days when you have hot flashes or even if you are down with headache. It works great.

* Removable "NO SLIP STRAPS"
* Even Cooler Feeling after refrigeration
* Healthier & Cost Effective - No need to have the aircon circulating stale air around your bedroom
* Compact - Folds to 7" x 12" ensuring a good night's sleep wherever you are
* FREE Cooling Scarf - Cutting edge crystal polymers cool and expand when water is added so you keep cool while on the move
* Large Width-12" x 22" ensures your whole pillow is covered

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