Thursday, February 26, 2015

Puracy - A trusted brand for skincare & cleanliness supplies.

Puracy as a brand has a wide variety of items for home needs.  Their products are 100% natural.
I always prefer the smell of lime for any dish wash as it really cleans away the grease and does not leave any smell behind either. Also they are gentle enough that they do not leave behind a soapy smell either which too can get irritating at times. Their products are made of natural ingredients making it safe for the environment and the community.
I like the way they package their products. A very simplistic design yet very soothing. I love the mild fragrance which makes my dishes seem extra clean.
I love the fact that they are concerned about the community and donate to eco friendly organizations. now that is a brand that you would want to stick with.

Yet another amazing product by Puracy. Completely organic an 100% natural ingredients.
I really liked it smooth and gliding texture. It was not runny and poured easily. Their products are safe enough to use on any skin type as they are made of natural ingredients. Even sensitive skin like mine had no problem with this product what so ever.
To the contrary I felt my skin reacted better and was smoother. This product was specially good for my winter skin which would easily dry up.
Daily application kept my skin baby smooth.

Their lightweight Formula is Enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Shea Butter for deep hydration. Shea butter is by far my favorite ingredient for skin nourishment. It keeps the skin soft and smooth all year long.
There are no silicon products, or harsh chemical or animal by products.
I absolutely loved the mild fragrance that lingers for quite some time. Infact I would keep smelling my hands again and again to inhale the scent.

This liquid laundry detergent has become my most favorite. I could feel the difference in my clothes.
I washed my dirtiest socks which had a habit of never getting clean and black stains staying on. But i could not believe when they came out almost as good as new.
This detergent is so concentrated that you need not use too much of it. It gives you 96 loads of washing. This pump design eliminates any mess of measuring cups which i really really like as it was a headache to clean those measuring cups and waste some percent of the detergent.
This product is safe for any kind of fabric and also mild enough to clean kids clothes.
Quantity to use- H.E. Machines: 2 pumps; Standard Machines: 4 pumps
This is almost scent free so your clothes will not have the smell of the detergent lingering on to them.

 Atlast a chemical free stain remover. This product will not harm your fabrics in any manner.
Made up of completely natural ingredients it works bang on. I had accidentally spilled tea on my white top and this stain did not go after washing.
I applied this stain remover and left my top for about 20minutes and washed it under warm water. The stain had completely gone. It works amazing.
I love the design of their product packaging, very simply and elegant. And the spray nozzle works with ease without any problem. It is effective on clothing, linens, silk, carpets, floor mats, car seats, cloth diapers and other washable fabrics.
For every sale, Puracy donates to children & families that are less fortunate which says a lot about the brand. Totally recommended.

Pamper your hands with the Puracy nautral liquid hand soap.
Made of 100% natural ingredients this really takes care of your skin and keeps it safe from harmful chemicals hence  keeping your hands soft and supple. It contains Vitamin E, Sea Salt, and Aloe Vera to naturally moisturize and balance your skin.
Aloe vera is my most favorite ingredient as it really work wonders for your skin.
I also keep an aloe vera plant at home to serve the purpose of moisturizing.
Lavender & Vanilla both have an invigoratingly mild fragrance which is very nice and enlightens the mood. Your hands feel clean after washing your hands with this.

Works wonders. I have white stove top and it always gets messy.
I previous all purpose cleaners would either smell too strong or not clean away to whiteness. But the Puracy all purpose cleaner is awesome.
Its a 100% natural product with nothing but natural ingredients. It cleans great. My stove top and kitchen top have never been cleaner and spot free. It also takes away the grease residue left behind by oil splatter. Just spray on and leave for about a minute or two for the product to do its work.
It really really cleans well. Moreover it does not have a very strong smell and infact the subtle hint of fragrance is very soothing.
The spray nozzle is very smooth and sprays evenly.

Baby products are something one cannot take a risk with. These products need to be cautiously selected for the baby's sensitive skin. Puracy has this amazing baby lotion which is just perfect for you little one's skin.
Made out of 100% natural ingredients this product will not harm you child's soft skin.
The product contains oatmeal and honey, both known for their amazing benefits for keeping skin hydrated and smooth.
It also contains Organic Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, and Jojoba Oil and i have mentioned in many of my reviews that i simply love aloe vera for its healing benefits and for being an all rounder ingredient. Your baby's skin will be pampered with this product without any harmful ingredients.
The lotion is not runny, it comes out smooth. The bottle is also easy to use and the smell is amazing.
Its perfectly safe for all skin types and you can use it too.

Puracy has a wide variety of household items available. Few of their links are:

I would totally recommend buying their products.

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