Monday, February 23, 2015

Rosanna's Choice- Premium Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of my most favorite ingredients.
Known for its vast variety of benefits, argan oil is full of benefits.
For hair, it helps in promoting hair growth. It reduces fizz. It is non greasy and you may use it as a serum for applying after wash for styling or you can apply it overnight.
For the skin it helps in restoring elasticity. It helps in preventing from wrinkles from appearing and makes the skin glow.
You may also use it as an added ingredient to your daily skin care routine. Apply a little amount of argan oil before your make up, this will help in preventing your skin from getting affected harsh chemicals.
Rosanna's Choice bottle is very beautiful. its one of the most good looking packaging for argan oil that i have come across. The easy to use pump system helps in easy dispensing of the liquid and makes it less messy.
A premium quality oil freshly sourced, bottled and imported by air directly from Agadir, Morocco.

Rosanna's Choice Moroccan Argan Oil is pure and organic, it comes in a large clear glass bottle to show off the golden glow of the oil. It has a rare spray applicator making it easier to apply and keep the oil extra fresh, as it's never exposed to the air. Our Argan oil has a 24 month shelf life (FDA).

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