Friday, February 20, 2015

VenJoin Women's clothes

I love the feel of this dress. It feels almost as if you are wearing nothing. Its really really comfortable.
Its rayon spandex and can stretch easily. And its so flattering for the figure. The print on this dress is very unique and catchy. Its perfect for any formal or informal occasion. For parties you can wear it the way it is. And for a more regular wear you may pair it up with jeans and maybe a shrug or even a jacket on top.
Anyway you wear it its very gorgeous. I received a lot of compliments for this.
The best part it you need not dry clean it or iron it. Just wash it regularly with your other clothes, and it wont wrinkle either.

This harem gaucho is pretty cute. I love the print on this and the fit is just perfect.
Even though when it arrived and i opened the packet it looked very petite, but once you wear it you will know that its perfect. Infact it does not feel tight either.
The only problem was that its a little too long. I am 5'5 and yet it went beyond my feet. But it has around the ankle so it doesnt come in your feet. I do assume the long length is to give this a baggy feel but i assume that this maybe a little uncomfortable for shorter people.
The material is very very soft and comfortable. I surely can sleep in it. And also wear it out casually with a top and a scarf around for a hippie look. I really liked this product alot.

Cute little dress. Very flattering.
It just flows over the body freely. And is true to the size. The design and motifs are adorable. Its a tie back halter design and the back is open, which really accentuates your back. It perfect if you love flaunting it. Even if you are not comfortable with your back being visible you can pair it up with a jacket or a shrug (like me)
It looks good on any height. The lace design in between is very pretty.
The material is really really soft and comfortable. It felt really sexy wearing this dress. So easy flowing and makes you look flattering.

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