Saturday, February 21, 2015

WHOLENESS HOME Steel Dictionary Book Diversion Safe with Lock

This is as good as it gets. Its so real looking that it will have anyone fooled. It has cloth texture exterior and solid steel interior compartment.
This is the most convenient way to hide your precious documents or jewellery in plain sight and no one will ever notice. There are two keys also provided with this so that you always have a back up with you.
Its really an awesome product because no one for sure takes up the dictionary kept in front of them.

  • DON'T BE FOOLED BY LOW COST LOOK-A-LIKES! Other Companies Use the Dictionary Book Name, but They are NOT the SAME - OURS has cloth texture exterior with solid steel interior compartment. Looks Like Any Other Book in your Bookshelf.
  • Hide your valuables in plain site - MONEY, JEWELRY, Rx BOTTLES, PASSPORT, DOCUMENTS
  • Perfect for Boats and RV's and Vacation Homes. The most life like looking Book Safe. Home Safe but Kids will Also Love it!
  • Best Diversion Safe on the Market! Two Keys included, Spare Key at No Extra Charge

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