Monday, March 2, 2015

Bodywares- Heart Rate Monitor, Calorie Counter, Fitness Activity Tracker & Sport Watch

Now i can take my gym experience to a new level. This includes heart rate chest belt having elastic which adjusts to most body types.
Smart feature recalls workout data to show exercise time, heart rate (max/%), calories burned and workout period. This features is amazing so that you can keep a track of your workouts and change and modify your routines.
The heart rate monitor straps has grooved electrodes which need to be a little moist to work and stay intact on the body, as they do have the tendency to slip.
I really love the design of this watch. I was using my samsung gear S for the same purpose but as a woman it does look too bulky to wear and work out. The bodyware watch is a perfect fit and not as bulky.
Its features also include EL backlight display with audio/visual alarms, timers and stopwatch.
This watch has got everything you may need as a starter on heart rate monitor kind of a watch for your daily gym usage. I really liked the product. You can check out my video for a demo as to what all are included in the box.

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