Thursday, March 12, 2015

ibody wristband sport tracker

Very nice and sleek deign.
This watch is really built well. It looks great on both men and women.
It is made of silicone hence it stays perfectly on the hand.
The readings were perfect too. Back lit helped in reading the data no matter how dark the room is.
The screen is detachable and comes out from the band. This is so because the charging slot is inside. My samsung smart phone supports OTG which connected directly to the watch via cable.
I really loved the product. I can wear this daily and comfortably unlike the usual bulky pedometer watches.
You may see my video for a demo of the product.

Now you can keep healthy through walking!
In the daytime,it can record the steps,distance,burned calories of your sports.At night, it can monitor your activities and your sleep quality. What matters is not how long you sleep but how long your effective sleep is, which makes you enjoy the whole day with a perfect state!
This smart sports bracelet supports OTG connection and USB connection.You can connect it directly with your cellphone through through OTG cable.But if your cellphone doesn't support OTG function, you can also connect it with your pc through USB cable, then you can synchronize your sports data on your ibody app.

Here are some cellphone models which support OTG function as follows,
Samsung: Note, Note 2, Note 3, S3, S4
Xiaomi: MI 3
HUAWEI: Mate, Mate2, B199, P6, D2, Honor 3
(Note: Only the system above Android 3.1 can use OTG function.)
There are some cellphone models which DOESN'T support OTG function or whose OTG function is unstable.

Free APP support.Wanna join the top list of people who love sports? Wanna share your sports experience with your friends? A super fun sports circle awaits you! Share your sports data online with your family, your friends and PK with them. Play sports through internet, it's so much fun and cool! Say goodbye to "Lazy Sleepy"!

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