Monday, March 30, 2015

Liztek HB30P41C USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

This is a very useful gadget.
It helps in giving option to increase upto 4 high speed usb ports for extra functionalities. the ports are indicated with LED lights. now you may attach upto 4 usb or charge your phones simultaneously etc. I would always have a problem that once i have 2 usb working it would always give less space for other work. but now that issue is solved.
the hub is not too compact but it isnt bulky either. it is as big as your hands and a little fat at one end. if it were slimmer it would have been easier to carry it. but overall its great for people who are always connected to their laptop or PC.


  • Easily add 4 Super Speed USB 3.0 ports with up to 5Gbps transfer rates pending devices to your computer or laptop . Ports indicate with LED lights.
  • VL812 USB 3.0 chipset brings reliable and optimum hub controlling power.
  • Built-in Overvoltage/Over-current/Leakage/Short Circuit protection module. Supports Plug & Play and Hot Swaps.
  • Guaranteed Safety: UL certified design, industry grade materials and premium circuitry ensure superior performance and reliability.
  • You Get: Liztek 4-Port USB Hub with 1 Charger port, USB 3.0 data cable, power adapter cable, user's manual

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  1. really it's nice device for gadgets charging. Using by 4 USB Ports. Thanks for sharing great post.


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