Monday, March 2, 2015

Magicfly Portable Wireless Doorbell Kit

This is the cutest little wireless doorbell i have seen. I got this in black color. It comes with 2 receivers and one transmitter. you may use 1 receiver just for backup in case one goes bad. Or you may put one at the front door and other at the garage or backdoor.
Its got 4 levels of volume control which ranged from very light to very loud. The range is a good 300 meters.
There are more than 50 different melodies.
The kit is very very easy to instal. Just plug in the transmitter to your socket and either stick the receiver with a double sided tape (included) or screw it to the door (included).
The blue color around the circumference of the push button is really nice to look at and so does it light up the transmitter.

The button is large and very easy to press. The product is very stylish and good looking.

  • 1. You'd better use the high quality alkaline battery, avoid using the ones with short life and easy leakage of electrolyte.
  • 2. Be sure to protect the precision electronic components, nonprofessionals are not allowed to open it for maintenance.
  • 3. Avoid installing the product to the exposure place under sun and long rains directly. 4. Correct use of the products helps to effectively extend the lifetime.
  • 4. Please note that the actual wireless range may be a lot shorter than 1000ft/300m(just in the open air) if there isany obstacle between the transmitter and receivers.
  • 5. Pls.don't assemble transmitter on metal door.Otherwise signal will be shielded.

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