Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Magicfly Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch

This little gadget makes your life so easy.
imagine you almost off to sleep but remember you still need to switch off the light to your kids room. or even your kitchen. or maybe your too drowsy to get up and turn off the heater. Well this is the solution to your problem.
just plug the device into the socket and with one click of the remote you can either turn on or off the outlet. Outlets remain off after a power outage to save energy.
its control distance is almost 30m/ 100 feet. it makes your life so convenient. really love this idea.
  • Extra battery included (uses a 12v battery)
  • Just plug in and use, no installation required. Remotely switch on/off any appliance at the push of a button
  • Features low standby power consumption and built-in child protection feature; Outlets remain off after a power outage to save energy
  • 30 Meters/100ft range

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