Wednesday, March 4, 2015

PLEMO Magic Cube Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I am in love with this bluetooth speaker. It is so very cute and adorable.
The look and built is very very nice. Its so sleek and portable, it fits almost in my hands. Its cube shaped and i have it in white color.
It very easy to use also. Just an initial start up and from the next time you will not need to pair it. Just switch it on and it gets automatically connected to your bluetooth paired device.
This device is rechargeable and comes with a USB wire for charging.
The sound quality is also decent and loud enough. You can see the video for a demo of the product.
Note- The sound can go 2-3 volume higher than shown in the video.

  • Compatible with all devices that transfer sound via Bluetooth: iPhones, iPads, Android cell phones, tablets computers, laptops, and more
  • Wireless connection can be established with Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 30 feet away
  • Comes with a 3.5mm audio jack cable for connection with non-Bluetooth-enabled devices: PC desktops, MP3 players, and more
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts 4-6 hours while the speaker is playing music
  • Featuring a sleek cube design, the speaker is highly portable and yet delivers superb sound quality

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