Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cricut Explore Air™ for Mother's Day


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Cricut Explore Air™ for Mother's Day

Looking for the perfect gift for a crafty mom for Mother's Day? Well look no further than Cricut! Their incredible Explore Air™ machine takes cutting, writing, and scoring to a whole new level. It'll be the Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving!

For starters, it has built-in Bluetooth technology, which makes it wireless. That means that mom can take her projects wherever she goes and save her projects to the cloud. It's also compatible with Cricut's Design Space iPad app, so mom can lay all of her cuts in the Design Space and see everything she's cutting all at once on her iPad. Adios paper-based handbooks!

Here are a few other neat notables of the Explore Air™ machine:

  • It can cut over 60 different materials, including leather, balsa wood, fabric, vinyl, tissue paper, craft foam, and even silk! Mom just sets the dial to the material that she needs to cut and the machine keeps track of the settings.
  • For cutting layers, mom can just print them on her printer and have the Explore Air™ cut it out.
  • Fonts and images can be uploaded for free so projects can have writing on them that looks just like handwriting.
The Cricut Explore Air™ machine has an unbelievable amount of helpful, time-saving features. And if that weren't impressive enough, Cricut is taking $50 off their Explore Air™, officially making this one of the best gifts to give crafty Mom's this Mother's Day!

Monday, April 27, 2015

GForce GF-P1238-721 Automatic Electric Jug Kettle 1.7 Liter Capacity

Product Description

GForce GF-P1238-721 Automatic Electric Jug Kettle 1.7 Liter Capacity With Built In Filter


The GF-P1238-721 Automatic Electric Jug Kettle from GForce is sleek in its design and will impress your friends and family. It features dual windows on each side of the kettle, displaying the 1.7 Liter capacity. Designed to keep you safe, it automatically turns off when the water boils with boil-dry protection. In order to keep making great tasting tea we insure this by having a removable and washable filter built into the spout of the kettle. This kettle also features a 360° swivel cordless base for ease of use when serving without the hassle of tangled cords. This product is great for use in the comfort of your own home, office, or even to take on your next vacation!


• 360° Cordless Rotating Base Allowing You To Serve Guests Seamlessly
• Built in Removable Washable Filter
• 1500 Watts
• Automatic Shut-off Feature To Keep You Safe
• Power Light Indicator With Safety Lock Lid
• Dual Water Level Windows With Boil Dry Protection


GRorce has some really well made and great designed kettles. This kettle too is very good. It is made of plastic but the built quality is really good. Its very cute looking too.
It has a transparent window where you can see the water boiling. It has an auto off function so when the water starts boiling after a few minutes it will shut off automatically and will not evaporate all the water. This way the device is very safe to use too.
It has a 360 degree rotating base which has the plate for heating the kettle. There is a button on the handle to flip open the cover so that when it is hot you need not worry about burning your hands.
The kettle also has a filter at the mouth so you can prepare tea and pour directly in the cup and the leaves will not enter your cup.
The capacity of the kettle is 1.7 litres.
Package Includes
1 x Electric Kettle
1 x Removable Filter
1 x Cordless Base With Winding Cord System To Hide Cable
1 x User Manual In English & Spanish
1 x Warranty Certificate

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

GForce GF-P1124-915 Universal Car Mount for iPads and Tablets

Product Description

The GF-P1124-915 GForce Universal Car Mount is an iPad or tablet mount that can be expanded from 4" to 7.75" which can accommodate most tablets. The cushioned mount is designed to protect your tablet from getting scratched and secure it from damages if left on a seat in the car. The quick release clamp allows to attach and detach the mount easily. The ball swivel feature allows the mount to be rotated 360 degrees.


I cannot begin the say how awesome this car mount is. Firstly i must say that the price is unbeatable. In my stores the car mounts below $10 usually are not of good quality or they are very basic models. But this one by GForce is great.
It not only holds any mobile phone but also has an attachment for the tablet.
I usually use the gps for navigation and using my phone for GPS not feasible as the screen size is not very comfortable for navigation. I prefer using my tablet for this purpose but i never could put it to use as my car mount could not hold it.
But this car mount can hold my 7 inch tablet perfectly without falling off. Can be adjusted to fit any tablet up 7.75" tall. I has padded holder so that it does not cause any scratches on the tablet.
The suction cup is very good and did not cause me any problem. I really liked this alot. 

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

GForce GF-P1367-847 Portable & Sturdy Universal Stand

Product Description

GForce GF-P1367-847 Universal Stand for all Touch Screen Tablets - Ipad, Ipad Mini, Galaxy Tab, Nexus, Lenovo & all Tablet PC's


The GF-P1367-847 Universal Stand for all Touch Screen Tablets from GForce features an innovative and unique design to hold your Ipad, Ipad Mini, Galaxy Tab, Nexus, Lenovo & all Tablet PC's in place as long as you need! It's simple and easy enough to use. It's perfectly durable and lightweight. Simply insert one metal bar into the 2 holes on the plastic base, and insert the other into holes of the top plastic base. Your Stand will then be angled at 70° to hold your tablet at the best viewing angle for you. For your convenience, this mount also contains two rubber grip bands, along with 2 side bands, in order to insure your device's place and security. This GForce Stand was designed to ease you throughout your day where you can now place any device of your choosing that the stand can hold on any flat surface, so you don't have to. It allows you to do other tasks while streaming shows at home or even viewing your messages and calls at work. It will save you a ton of space and time! Let this GForce stand do the work for you worry-free!


• Compatible with 6 Inch Tablets or Larger- Ipad, Ipad Mini, Galaxy Tab, Nexus, Lenovo & all Tablet PC's
• Perfectly Holds Your Tablet Upright At a 70 Degree Angle In Place On Any Flat Surface For Perfect Viewing Pleasure
• Dimensions: 165mm x 115mm x 155mm
• Features Rubber-Grip Bands To Best Secure Your Device From Sliding or Scratching
• Easy to Use & Convenient In Your Office, On Your Desk, In Your Kitchen, and Even to Travel!
Package Includes
1 x Universal Tablet Stand
1 x Warranty Certificate


I do almost all my work on a tablet. And holding it is painful at times. I even had purchased the cover but it makes the tablet look very bulky which i personally do not like. This tablet holder by GForce is a great option for people like me. Its very portable and cute. Just attach the two parts by sliding it in between the grooves and you have your tablet stand ready. It will not fall off or slide away but rather stay in place.
Its material is of high quality and very sturdy.
It does not cause any scratches to the tablet. Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.1 x 4.5 inches ; 2.7 ounces
I can so relieved to have this as now my hands can relax and i do not need to confine my tablet to any bulky cases.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

GForce GF-P1181-603 Stainless Steel Dual Non-Stick Panini Press Sandwich Maker Grill

Product Description

GForce GF-P1181-603 Stainless Steel Dual Non-Stick Panini Press Sandwich Maker Grill


The GF-P1181-603 Sandwich Maker from GForce features a sleek and innovative design that takes sandwich making and paninis to another level! GF-P1181-603 Sandwich Maker can make two of your favorite sandwiches at once; french toast, grilled cheese, omelette paninis, tuna melt, hamburger panini, you name it! It's slim and compact enough to be stored an where in your home without taking up too much space. It's lightweight, easy to carry around with its useful handle, and even easier to leave on your counter-top with its sturdy stand. All you have to do is plug in your GForce Sandwich Maker to get going and it will do all the work for you! The Red and Green indicator Lights will guide you until your sandwich is ready! Its grinds are non-stick, putting less work on you to clean it while also making neater sandwiches! With this state of the art impressive Sandwich Maker, your sandwich will be ready in record time, in just under 5 minutes! Now you and your family can enjoy breakfast, dinner, and lunch at all times! It will even suffice as a great business or bridal shower gift, Homemade sandwiches and paninis never tasted so good!

• Power & Ready Lights Sandwich Maker (Holds 2 Sandwiches)
• Skid Resistant Feet
• Cord Storage
• Non-Stick Coating Plate for Easy Cleaning
• Handle & Stand/ Stand Upright for Storage and Space Saving
• ETL Listed Certification of widely accepted product safety standards

Package Includes

1 x Sandwich Maker
1 x User Manual In English & Spanish
1 x Warranty Certificate


Sandwich makers are a must have in every house. This makes the work so much easier. Specially when you have kids at home then sandwiches are made almost twice every week.
I really liked the design and make of this panini press sandwich maker. Its chrome and black finish looks really good. The legs are skid resistant and stays well on the kitchen stand. the size of the cord is good.
It holds upto 2 sandwiches at a time which is good for quick cooking. It heats evenly so the sandwich is cooked well. It lights up red when it is on and when the sandwich is done it lights up green. It has Non-Stick coating plate for easy cleaning and also the food does not get stuck on the plates.
The handle does not heat up as much and so handling it is very easy.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

CLICK HERE to purchase the product

Flamen Vegetable and Fruit Spiralizing Slicer with 3 Blades

Product Description

You and your family will want to eat more vegetables once you see the fun shapes you can create with the Flamen Vegetable and Fruit Spiralizing Slicer.

Product Features
- Delicious: Makes fancy vegetable garnishes, gluten-free veggie pasta using zucchini or sweet potato, delicious curly fries, healthy raw food meals, and more
- Versatile: Removable blades let you vary the size of your fruits and vegetables
- Sturdy: Four suction cup feet with easy release tabs keep the slicer firmly attached while the turning wheel will not break or bend
- Easy to store: Features storage right inside the unit for two blades with one blade already in place. This keeps the unit organized and compact
- Easy care: The slicer is easy to disassemble and clean.

How Does It Work
This easy-to-use vegetable slicer will not only cut your prep time in half, it will help you prepare elegant, healthy meals that will impress your guests and make your family want to eat their vegetables.

The shredder, chipper and straight blades provide enough versatility that you'll never get tired of spiralizing your fruits and vegetables for snacks and meals. It's great for people on a raw, vegan or Paleo diet, or those who just want to have more fun with their veggies.

About Flamen
Flamen is a North American BBQ and foodware supplies brand.


Flamen has some really nice and useful products.
This slicer is no less. It is very very useful. I was very excited to use it since i got it. And i must say its design is very unique.
It is a manual slicer so you do not have to worry about the power. Its so easy to use. Just place the vegetable on the rolling knob which has spikes to hold the vegetables in place. And you can roll and push it towards the blades. The blades are pretty sharp and slices very smoothly and easily.
Its designed very well, having compartment where extra blades are stored. Make fun salads, zucchini noodles, and curly fries with this spiral vegetable slicer. Its rather fun to use this product.
It comes with a one year warranty so you can be assured of the product. Its made of high quality, impact resistant ABS plastic and is very durable and sturdy. I like working with this.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Stanzino® Women's V neck Short Sleeve Elastic Waist Jumpsuit

Product description

  • Buy a Trusted Brand Name - Stanzino® is the #1 Top Rated by Consumers when it comes to Apparel & Accessories
  • Machine Washable

I love wearing jumpsuits as they are very hip and stylish. This jumpsuit by Stanzino is also great. Its very appealing to the figure. The material is very soft. It is made of 79% POLYESTER 18% RAYON 3% SPANDEX
It looks great on the body and is very comfortable. They have good color options.
You may want to order one size up as I wear small size but the small size was a tad bit smaller for me. The seller will replace it for you if any problem arises but you will have to pay for shipping back the product. The seller will not refund you for that so it is a hectic work. So make sure to order one size up.
The jumpsuit itself is well designed. It has a small belt near the waist to make the waistline look smaller and more in shape. Over all a very good purchase.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cable Clips - Ideal Wire Organizer / Cable Management System

Product Description

The Secret of Organization and Lifelong Cables, Easily and Cheaply!

Do You Want to Avoid These Common Problems?

- Having more and more cables spread around your desk?
- Looking for a cable and can't find it?
- Loosing time at your desk everyday and every hour? for something you don't need?
- Cable clips unstick after a few days of use?

All these issues can be avoided!

? Introducing the Blue Key World Cable Clips

The Best Cable Clips on The Market:

- Strong TPR Material, SGS Certified, will last forever
- Safe to use anywhere
- Works in all surfaces, plastic, wood, glass, rubber, metal and others
- Easy access to all your cables in the position that you want, very fast plugging of your devices with our multipurpose cable clips
- In 7 seconds or less setup each of our cable clips and your cables are organised
- Innovative cable management system for you and your family and friends

So what's so good about our design?

The Blue Key World Cable Clips are compatible with all cables, this means that you can use this even with the thinest cables. You will get more Productive by Saving Valuable Seconds Every Day That Will Add Up to Hours and Dollars in the End of the Year!


I really liked this cable clip a lot. I had been thinking of buying one from a very long time to hold the cables in place and to avoid getting them pulled and stuck between table legs etc. This item did a great job. It is made of rubber. Its holding clip is a little flexible to allow the cable to go through and it hold them very firmly. It even help my internet wire which is the thickest wire i have.
The adhesive is very strong and sticks amazingly well to the wall. You may want to attach it carefully as the adhesive being too strong will not come off easily so make sure you know for sure where you want to attach this. This is a great item for the price. Very easy to apply and very durable.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Yantu Women's Dress Short Sleeve Chiffon Lace Mini Dress With Belt (Apparel)

Product Description

Type: woman dress
Size S:Shoulder width:31cm/12.09",bust:87cm/33.93",length:80cm/31.2",sleeve length:54cm/21.06",sweep:103cm/40.17"
Size M:Shoulder width:32cm/12.48",bust:88cm/34.32",length:82cm/31.98",sleeve length:55cm/21.45",sweep:105cm/40.95"
Size L:Shoulder width:33cm/12.87",bust:90cm/35.1",length:83cm/32.37",sleeve length:56cm/21.84",sweep:106cm/41.34"
Material: chiffon and lace
It usually takes 15-25 days to arrive your country

This dress is perfect for both formal and informal occasions. Its material is very soft and nice. Its very comfortable to wear, The size of the dress is also perfect and gives a really nice shape to the body because of the flowing material of chiffon below the waist.
The color combination is nice with the white net and floral embroidery done on it. And also the blue chiffon with lining inside.
Even though the upper part of the dress also has lining but you may have to wear some thing inside as the lining is not very thick. The dress comes along with a black color belt which helps to accentuate the waist line. You can wear the dress with or without the belt thats your option.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

BEDWETTING ALARM Nocturnal Enuresis Bed Wetting Alarm Treatment

Product Description

UPDATED 2015 MODEL - IN STOCK NOW! Bedwetting (known as nocturnal enuresis) is a common problem that affects about 5 million children in the United States. Children can feel embarrassed over bedwetting and this can lead to low self-esteem. While some children grow out of bedwetting, some need that extra bit of help. That's where the Dry-Knight bedwetting alarm makes an amazing difference.

The Dry-Knight bedwetting alarm is ingenious in its design and highly effective in helping your child overcome bedwetting. It has an adjustable band that attaches to your child's arm. Being the smallest alarm on the market, its compact size allows it to be discreetly hidden under clothing. A cord with a clip on the end runs under your child's shirt and the clip attaches to his or her underwear. This unit combines: • an alarm • vibration function • and flashing led light ...all of which activate the moment moisture touches the clip - so even the deepest sleeper can be alerted to wake up and use the toilet! This unit is a convenient one button operation set-up that alerts you when the battery is low. It comes with batteries and instructions and is ready to use immediately. The Dry-Knight bedwetting alarm is an inexpensive and highly effective way to have the breakthrough you're looking for.


Bedwetting is a very common problem among small children. And giving them the right training is very important.
Its a difficult task but thanks to this bedwetting alarm system your work is made very easy. This kit comes with complete instructions and batteries and is very easy to use. There is a band to be attached on the arm and a clip that can be clipped on to the underwear/ panty.
At the slightest dampness the alarm sets off and rings. Its a beeping sound along with vibration to make the child alert. This will help in avoiding getting the sheets dirty. Over time this will also teach the child's body mechanism to wake up as soon as they feel like using the toilet.
This is a great solution to this problem.
One more good thing is that you need to detach the clip for it to stop, which is good in a way that you dont just stop the alarm and go back to sleep. You will be forced to wake up and use the toilet. This is a very safe and easy to use gadget.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

BuyChic Elegant Strapless Satin Mermaid Wedding Dress With Beaded Detail

Product Description

  • With inside bra pads, 5cm width secure belt and bones, the shape of the bodice is better shaped.
  • Beads detail on the waist accents the slim body
  • Size:2-18 There are 4-8 bones on the bodice for evening dress, and for wedding dress there are 11-16 bones .So they can better shows the figure.
  • Court train

This is one of the most gorgeous dresses i have seen. It looks so grand and royal.
It is same upfront as can be seen in the picture. Its red color is very rich and the white net has gorgeous embroidery on it. It also has bead work on it in the front and back. The bead work accentuates the waist line and the back too. The cut of the dress is in mermaid shape making the figure look amazing. It has bra pads attached so it gives fuller shape to the body. It also has Court train which trails down behind giving an amazing look to the dress.
This dress is perfect for weddings. It will make you feel like a princess wearing this. I really loved the dress.

Friday, April 24, 2015

GBB 3D Stereoscopic Printing Drawing Pen

Product Description

Color: Blue
Have fun with our GBB 3D Pen.

*DIY a special gift for your lover with GBB 3D Printing Pen in the Valentine's Day

*Come true your childhood dream. Bring the fantastic thoughts into vivid objects.

*Improve Children imagination, broaden their new horizons and develop their creativity


*LED Display: You can visually observed the temperature through the LED screen. Manually control the temperature, the speed, direction, and use either PLA or ABS filament.

*Easy combination: Easily repaired. Just gently press the buckle, and then dividing, easy using.

*Non-metallic nozzle: In order to ensure your safety, we choose the non metallic nozzle which is low temperature when it works.

*Humanized Design: Do the adjustment only with one hand. Adjustable button designs in the front of the pen. No gears limited.

*Ultra light weight: Less than 700g, operate it more easily.

Package Included:

1* GBB 3D Pen
1* Power Adapter
1* Free filament material: 10M, random color
1*User Manual


1)This device is suitable for children over 8 years old and ---adult use, Children should use it under the tutelage of adult.

2) No water sprinkling if you want to use them longer.

3) Keep at safety place after using it.

4) In order to prevent the filament returns automatically, we design the back button specially. Press it more longer when you use that.


This is a great piece of technology gaining popularity these days. I had seen videos about this product but had never tried it from my own hands. And i must say it was a FUN experience.
Creating shapes in such a way that they can be felt with your hands and not just lost on a paper.
This 3D stereoscopic printing drawing pen is very very easy to use and makes fun go to another level. This pack includes a 1.7mm roll of filament. You can purchase filaments of various color to make even more realistic drawings.
The pen basically is heated up when connected to the power and it melts the filament so that you can create shapes and it stays in the shape when cooled down.
You can make just about any design once you get a little practice. I hope my video helps in understanding the product a little better.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

End Of Season Sale at - Up To 50% Off Sale Items!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

What I'm about to tell you may sound too good to be true, but rest assured - it's not... Starting Friday, April 24 and running through Sunday, April 26th, will be offering up to 50% off sale items with code EXTRA20! This means awe-inspiring sales on apparel, shoes, and accessories.

If there is one Reebok sale that you should take advantage of - this is it! Hop on to this Friday through Sunday and stock up on some cool items at prices that are quite possibly the hottest of the year!

What Mom Really Wants This Year - The Gift of Maven

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links
Mother's Day Gift of Maven
Surprise Mom with the only customizable monthly beauty box - Julep Maven. The Gift of Maven is available in 2 month, 4 month or 6 month increments and it is one of the best beauty values around - for example, a 6-month Gift of Maven is valued at over $240, but you only pay $119.94 - a savings of more than 50%. Here is how it works:

1. Go to the Julep Gift of Maven page and choose the number of boxes you'd like to give. (You can buy boxes for new or existing Mavens.)

2. Choose when you want your gift delivered and Julep will send your giftee a welcome email with redemption instructions.

3. Julep will send you an email to let you know your gift was redeemed. 

Simple as that! Once the Gift of Maven increment is up, the recipient can choose to continue the subscription or you can gift even more.
The search for the perfect Mother's Day gift is over - give Mom the Gift of Maven!

IRULU 7" Dual Core Phablet

Product Description

The Most Affordable Dual Core Phablet--X7 Phablet

IRULU -X7 is equipped with dual-core processors at a reasonable price. Apps boots up very quickly. Gaming, internet browsing and video streaming on this phablet are awesome. Multitasking is smooth with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Tablet and 3G Smartphone 2 in 1

The device is a new 7 inch tablet and 3G smartphone 2 in 1. Never miss any calls or messages when you are enjoying entertainment by the phablet. The dual SIM cards let you surf the internet when there is 3G internet service arranged by you.

Expandable Storage

The 8GB on board storage enables you to store thousands of files, songs, E-books, etc. Need room for more files? Insert a micro SD card to enhance storage, and you can get much more space on your phablet up to 32 GB.

Google Android 4.4 KitKat
7" Multi-touch Screen 1024*600 HD
Dual Core 2x 1.3 GH
8GB storage, 512MB RAM
Dual Camera, Front 0.3 & Rear 2 MP
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth, FM Radio, GPS

1x IRULU -7" Phablet
1x User's Manual
1x USB Cable
1x IRULU AC charger


This is a great tablet at a reasonable cost. The feature which attracted me the most is the dual sim feature. It takes up to 2 sims which makes this a phablet having the capability of both a tablet and a phone. You can make a call and receive a call just like using a phone and the screen size is 7 inches which is a general tablet screen size.
The touch response was very good and the tablet did not lag at all. It ran very smooth. The wifi reception was also great and there was no time lag while playing video from the internet. It has 1024x600 HD screen which is very clear and crisp.
It runs on a Android 4.4 KitKat OS. Its got dual core which makes the device run pretty smoothly. It has a front camera of 0.3mp and 2mp back camera. the pictures came out good and its good enough for video calling.
it supports Walmart's Straight Talk Duel Sim Card Activation Kit with AT & T or T-mobile Included
Package: IRULU Phablet *1 ;User manual*1 ; AC adapter*1 ; Charging Cable*1

I really liked the pink back cover of the phablet as it made it very unique and different. The built quality was nice.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

August CR225 - FM Transmitter with Bluetooth and Microphone

Product Description

Simple to use, the August CR225 gives you a swift solution for listening to your MP3 collection and making phone calls whilst driving. Ease of use
Step 1 - Plug the CR225 into your lighter socket
Step 2 - Pair it with your phone or tablet
Step 3 - Match the FM frequency with your car stereo
Within 5 minutes, your set to start streaming music through your car speakers and take and make hands free calls. Simple.
Once connected to your phone via Bluetooth, the CR225 will automatically reconnect every time you get in the car. No hassle. No wires.
Inbuilt Microphone
For hands free calling, the transmitter has an inbuilt microphone, this means you can safely make and take calls whist on the road.
Call and Track Remote
The CR225 works to control your phone through Bluetooth, you can answer and reject calls, dial your last called number, hang up,play and pause your media player, skip forwards and backwards through tracks and adjust the volume, all without fiddling with your handset.
USB Charging Port
To keep your phone topped up, a powered USB port provides power to your phone, even if your not using the transmitter.
Internal Battery The CR225 is connected to its charging stand with a magnetic clip, disconnect the transmitter and it continues to transmit thanks to its internal rechargeable battery.
Bluetooth Range: approx. 10m
FM Transmission Frequencies: 88.1 to 107.9MHz
FM Range: approx. 5m
USB Charging Port: DC 5V / 1A
Power Input: DC 12V ~ 24V


I had a new car stereo recently installed but it only had bluetooth function missing. This FM bluetooth transmitter has made my car stereo complete. It has FM transmission, plays MP3 from phone and also receives calls. It has microphone built in so you can easily receive calls without needing to hold your phone.
Look wise it is very appealing and well made. I also liked the built quality. Its not bad at all. It lights up to a nice blue color when switched on.
You can connect this device to your phone just by Plugging the CR225 into your lighter socket. It will pair with your phone quickly. You can play mp3 with your phone and also receive calls easily. You also have a port for usb charging which is great. The device is very sleek and does not take much space. Its just what i wanted for my car.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

3000 Series 3-Line Embroidered Sheet Set - Microfiber, King, Charcoal

Product Description

Size: King | Color: Charcoal
Drift off to sleep with these embroidered wrinkle resistant sheets from eLuxurySupply. Each sheet set comes in a wonderful decorative gift box that will make you or anyone in your life happy.
Our 3000 Series Sheets are available in 14 Colors in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.Each set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet with matching pillowcases (one with twin set).
Colors Available: Aqua, Burgundy, Black, Charcoal, Ivory, Light Blue, Lilac, Pink, Plum, Sage, Silver, Tan , Taupe, White
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Pattern & Style is Solid with 3-Line Embroidery
  • Fully elasticated fitted sheet fits up to 18"
  • Fitted sheet pocket depth: 15" inches fits up to 18"
  • Care instructions: Machine washable. Please follow the care instructions on the label carefully to minimize wrinkling and/or shrinkage. Remove bedding from the dryer promptly, press with a warm iron if necessary.
  • 3pc Twin Sheet Set Dimensions:(1) Flat Sheet 66" x 96", (1) Fitted Sheet 38" x 75", (1) Pillowcase 20" x 30"
  • 4pc Full Sheet Set Dimensions: (1) Flat Sheet 81" x 96", (1) Fitted Sheet 54" x 75", (2) Pillowcases 20" x 30" each
  • 4pc Queen Sheet Set Dimensions: (1) Flat Sheet 90" x 102", (1) Fitted Sheet 60" x 80", (2) Pillowcases 20" x 30" each
  • 4pc King Sheet Set Dimensions: (1) Flat Sheet 108" x 102", (1) Fitted Sheet 78" x 80", (2) Pillowcases 20" x 40" each
  • 4pc Full Sheet Set Dimensions: (1) Flat Sheet 108" x 102", (1) Fitted Sheet 72" x 84", (2) Pillowcases 20" x 40" each

These sheets stand up to their name. They are truly exceptional. The feel is very soft and comfortable. the sheets come in 14 different colors and each color is rich and nice.
It has 3 lines of embroidery which give it a good finishing touch. Its made of 100% polyester.
I got the 4pc King Sheet Set having the Dimensions: (1) Flat Sheet 108" x 102", (1) Fitted Sheet 78" x 80", (2) Pillowcases 20" x 40" each

It is true to its size and fit the bed perfectly. It comes in a very nice box which is perfect for gifting. The seller attaches a letter with the sheet too which gives a personal touch that the seller cares about what he sells and that the buyer satisfaction is important to them.

These sheets have brought life to my room and blend really well. I absolutely loved the product.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Daffodil LEC005 - LED Headlight with Adjustable Brightness

Poduct Description

  • 21 Super Bright LED - Perfect for Cycling, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Camping
  • 4 Light Modes - 1 / 8 / 21 LEDs and Flashing Light ideal for Cycling and Emergencies
  • Water Resistant - For use with outdoor activities
  • Adjustable headbands and beam angle -Perfect fit for superior comfort
  • Battery Powered - Uses 3 AAA batteries

This is a great product specially for emergencies. This head lamp has 21 LED lights in it which makes it very bright. It has 4 modes for lighting, each mode increases the brightness and the last mode starts the red light on the top.
The straps are adjustable hence you do not have to worry if your head is big or small, it will fit just right. The straps are very comfortable too. They are not hard at all. It runs on 3 AAA batteries which is not included in the box.
It is water resistant hence when you are out doors you need not worry during any kind of hydro emergencies that your lights will go off.
Its indeed a very useful product and can be used for hiking, trekking, camping etc.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Daffodil LEC700 - LED Portable Camping Lamp

Product Description

The LEC700 lantern from Daffodil is a durable water resistant light that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. So whether you're going away on an extreme outdoor weekend or need an emergency light around the house, the LEC700 is a useful resource to have by your side. This battery powered lantern is ideal for outdoor parties, BBQ's, campsites, festivals and pretty much any other activity you can think of. Equipped with a convenient hook, the light can be hung inside a tent, from a branch etc.
It is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included and as the LED bulbs use battery power more efficiently than standard bulbs, they greatly reduce the number of batteries needed over the life of the lantern.


This is a very useful product. Very handy for emergencies. Even though this is a camping lantern you can use this even during power outages. Instead of using candles and even your phone flashlight, and also the normal flashlight which you need to hold in your hands while using, this makes the work so convenient.
You can place this any where and even hang it. It gives a good amount of light. It works on 4 AA batteries. It has 3 light modes so you can dim it as per your convenience I only wish the size was mentioned in the listing as it is smaller than i expected. But it works like a charm.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Un ”Veil” Your Perfect Bridal Look

Whether you’re a modern bride or love the glamour of disguise; an important accessory is your veil.  You could be a hidden princess, a mysterious diva or a traditional bride hiding behind a curtain.  Why not skip the ordinary and look extraordinary with our incredible selection of bridal veils and accessories.

Soft Tulle Large Veil 

Black Bridal Veil

Tulle Bridal Veil

Butterfly Face Mask With Rhinestones

Venetian Face Mask

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dressystar Long Sweetheart Bridesmaid Prom Dresses Chiffon Evening Gowns

Product Description

  • Sweetheart. Beaded bodice. Empire waist.
  • Fully lined, built-in bra in the bodice.
  • Please refer to OUR Size Chart displayed next to the main item images.If you can not find SUITABLE SIZE, please contact with us freely.
  • Can be made according to your measurements with no more charges.

Dressystar has great collection of clothes and their products are of high quality. Not only is their dresses great but also the customer service is very cooperative and nice.
This dress comes in different colors and each color is unique and nice. The material is chiffon which is very soft and fine. it feels really nice and comfortable to wear. There is a lot of material used to make this dress and it is very flowey and looks gorgeous. The dress has a long trail behind which gives it a very glamorous look.
It has beads on the front body. There is zipper at the back to give good shape to the dress. There is also a strap inside so that once you wear it you can safely secure your dress with the strap. There is no sleeve in the dress but as the dress is made so well it does not fall off. You can custom make the dress for your own size by contacting the seller.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Make up brushes at $7

JENNIE LIU Women's 100% Cashmere V Neck Contemporary Long Sleeve Cardigan

Product Description

  • 100% Cashmere
  • Dry Clean and Hand Wash
  • long sleeves, mini ribbed cuff and bottom trims
  • densely knitted with the finest Inner Mongolian cashmere
  • 100% Genuine 2-ply Inner Mongolian cashmere offers superior softness, 12-gauge knit.
  • cashmere cardigan sweater with button closure
  • This is Contemporary sizing. The length of the small size is 24"1/2. Please order a size up for the regular sizing


Jennie Liu as a brand is great as they have very high quality products. I like their collection a lot specially the sweaters. This cardigan is of supreme quality too. It comes in different color options and each one looks fresh and is very feminine.
The material is 100% cashmere and it feels really soft and comfortable on the skin. It has button closure and it looks great when worn. It hugs the body well. You may want to order one size larger due to contemporary sizing method used. You can wear it with any shirt or dress and it will keep you nice and warm.
Its recommended to dry clean this. I really loved this product.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Great collection at LULUS

Shop For Cute Dresses At LuLu*s

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Additional 30% Off In a Flurry Aqua and Lavender Sequin Dress- XTRAFLURRY

Additional 30% Off From Sheer to There Grey Lace Midi Dress- XTRASHEER

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Shop For Cute Dresses At LuLu*s
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Get additional 10% off on 85% Discounted Prices for Canvas Prints!

Reebok's Triad of Deals

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Reebok's Triad of Deals

$30 Off All Training Products on Orders of $125+
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30% Off Custom ZigKick
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Link: 30% Off Custom ZigKick 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rid-Tech Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Repells Rodents and Insects

Product Description

Rid-Tech Plug-in Ultrasonic Complete Pest Eliminator
✓ EXPEL PESTS FROM INSIDE YOUR WALLS - The deep penetrating ultrasonic technology disturbs the nests of rodents and insects that are situated inside your home walls.
✓ ELIMINATE PESTS FROM YOUR HOME - Rid-Techs ultrasonic technology will send all rodents and insects searching for a peaceful area and will be forced to leave your home. ✓ 100% HUMANE & SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR PETS - The Rid-Tech Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is completely inaudible to people and to home pets such as dogs, cats, birds, and fish (It should however not be used around pet rodents). The Rid-Tech Pest Repeller is the safest and most humane way to make your home pest free.
  • SAVE HUNDREDS ON PEST CONTROL : STOP spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars of costly pest control services. Let the Rid-Tech repeller drive out pests for a fraction of hiring Pest Control services on a MONTHLY basis.
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS OR POISONS : Forget the harmful chemicals, poisons, and traps typically used in households and by pest control technicians. Rid-Techs Pest Control Repeller is 100% safe and effective. Rid-Tech Naturally drives pests out without killing them. No need to clean up dead insects and rodents. Rid-Techs Ultrasonic Pest Repeller creates an uncomfortable environment for pests so they simply leave.
  • EASY TO USE : Simply plug in the unit and let the Rid-Tech Repeller do the rest. Use 1 unit per average-sized room with a pest problem. Additional units will be required in larger areas. Areas such as attics, basements, garages and large storage areas may require more than one unit. 
  • ELIMINATE PESTS FROM YOUR HOME : Rid-Techs Ultrasonic Pest Repeller uses state of the art ultrasonic technology to drive pests away. Plugged in to any standard household outlet Rid-Tech uses low fequency sound waves, inaudible to humans and pets, which drive pests out of your home for good. Mice, rats, spiders, roaches, moquitoes, ants; None are immune to the sound and completely leave after a few short weeks of use. 

Complete Pest Eliminator

I have been using this since a few days and I did feel a difference in the occurrence of pest. It has reduced drastically. Instead of the usual daily visits they have now become weekly.
This gives out ultra sound which is not audible to human ears or your pets. And the best of all is you do not have to spray harmful chemicals or put poison for these pests and be worried sick that your pets do not consume it. Its a nice safe product. I will not say that its going to magically stop all pests from showing up but it will surely keep them at bay. Its so simple to use it. Just plug it in the power socket and its ready to use.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Lowest Prices Ever + Free Shipping Event at Eleventh Avenue

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Being the savvy shopper that you are, I know you want to get the best deals on great products, which is why I'm so excited to tell you about Eleventh Avenue's Lowest prices ever + Free shipping event! This event ends in 3 days so be sure to visit today so you can take advantage of their unbelievable prices!

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Here are a few of the goodies that are available through this event!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pure Mist Essential Oil Diffuser Electric


Product Description

Relax, unwind and enjoy your favourite fragrance every day with this essential oil diffuser electric!
Whether you've had a stressful day, are feeling unwell, or just want to enjoy the aroma of your favourite fragrance, the Pure Mist essential oil diffuser ultrasonic will gently permeate your room with the fragrance of your choice while purifying the air around you. Just add 2 to 3 drops into the oil reservoir. If stronger fragrance is required add drops directly into water.

RELAX with this best essential oil diffuser
Perhaps you'll use jasmine oil to unwind after a busy day, or lavender oil to help you enjoy a relaxing sleep. You can also create a relaxing atmosphere by switching on the soft lighting with changing colors, or choose one color by the simple press of a button.

With one of our Pure Mist essential oil diffusers, you can enjoy the healing benefits of a wide range of essential oils. Perhaps you'll choose to use a peppermint oil to ease a headache, or a eucalyptus oil to sooth a cough or a cold. The Pure Mist essential oil diffuser also acts as a humidifier and nebulizer, which is ideal for dry air environments, soothing coughs and helping prevent colds and chapped skin.

You can move the Pure Mist wood base essential oil diffuser to any room and make it smell beautiful, masking undesirable smells such as cigarette smoke and pet odors.

Make sleep time more peaceful for you and your children. The soft color lighting provided by the Pure Mist essential oil diffuser functions as a wonderful nightlight.

On/off mist control.
150ml capacity and up to 6 hours running time.
Automatic shut-off function.
Electric adaptor and instructions included.
Aroma coverage approx 20 sq mtrs.
Humidification coverage approx 10 sq mtrs.


This essential oil diffuser is so easy to use. I did not even need the instruction manual for it. It was that easy.
It had a wooden base which gives it a physically appealing appearance. Using it is very very easy. You just need to fill in the water in the main container and essential oil in the top inlet. Close the lid and switch it on.
The mist will start coming out. The look and feel of it is just as if you are in a spa. Switch it on with light music and have a relaxed nap.
You can use different kind of essential oil in it for different purposes. Oils help in relieving migraine, sinus, uplifting the mood and atmosphere etc. The pure mist diffuser has an auto shut off function. As soon as the water dries up it will shut off making this a very safe to use product. It has a capacity to run for 6 hours generating mist. It also has a humidifier and humidifies air of the your surrounding. This is a great product.

I was lucky to receive it for my honest opinion.

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Free Spring Brights Welcome Box for New Maven Subscribers

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Spring Brights
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Spring has arrived and fingers and toes are calling out for bright, fun colors! Julep has a new Maven subscriber welcome box offer that is perfect for the occasion. Fun brights and a top-notch beauty bonus make up the Spring Brights Welcome Box and it's free for new Maven subscribers (a $62 value). As a Julep Maven subscriber, you get first access to trend setting colors and top-rated beauty products every month in addition to plenty more perks such as:
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Box Value: $42
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REEBOK NHL collection

40% off NHL Products
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Breakaway from whatever your doing and head over to, because for three days only (4/13 - 4/15), you can get 40% off NHL Products when you us code PLAYOFFS at checkout!

These playoff deals end Wednesday, April 15th so get NHL apparel, shoes, and accessories for 40% off while you can!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

GForce GF-912-116 Stainless Steel Jug Kettle 1.7 Liter

Product Description

GForce GF-912-116 1.7 Liter 360° Cordless Stainless Steel Jug Kettle With Blue LED Lights 1200 Watts


The GF-912-116 Stainless Steel Jug Kettle from GForce features a sleek design that will keep your family and friends talking for days. Its innovative technology and power allows for greater satisfaction and convenience with this Jug-Kettle by heating up quickly reaching high temperatures. It can heat up to 1.7 Liters of water and can keep your tea or hot water lasting hot longer. Its Boil-Dry Protection feature will automatically shut off the device should you accidentally operate the kettle without water as to protect your kettle. It has a 360° Cordless power base for your convenience in case you want to walk around with the kettle. This Kettle is also easy to operate. All you have to do is fill the unit with water and press down the switch to begin boiling the water. The Kettle will automatically shut off once the water has reached its boiling point. GF-912-116 Jug-Kettle is proven to always have hot water waiting for you for your all your hot beverages, hot chocolate, tea, and instant coffee without any effort on your end! It will make life a whole lot easier and save you so much time!


• Stainless Steel 360° Cordless Jug-Kettle 1200 Watts / 110V
• Boil-Dry Protection
• Automatic Shut-Off Feature
• Water Level Gauge for Easy Viewing
• On/Off Switch and Light Indicator
• Wooden Look Handle

Package Includes

1 x 1.7 Liter Stainless Steel Jug-Kettle
1 x Power Base
1 x Lid
1 x User Manual In English & Spanish
1 x Warranty Certificate


This is one of the most good looking kettle that I have seen.
Its body is made of stainless steel and has a wooden handle which is very safe for holding it even when the kettle is hot. It has a water level gauge which allows to see inside what the level of water is. It is a cordless kettle which has a base including the cord. The kettle is simply placed on top of this base for heating. The kettle has a feature for auto shut off which allows it to shut off once the water has started boiling. this makes the unit very safe to use.
It also has a strainer on the mouth so you can put in tea leaves and pour it directly into the cup. This is a very useful product and I keep it on my bedside table. This gives me warm boiled and purified water at all times.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

GForce GF-P1056-454 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Product Description

GForce GF-P1056-454 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 360° Cordless Base 900 Watts 1.7L Capacity


The GForce GF-P1056-454 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle from GForce features a Power Base with 900 Watts for a quick, strong heating system. This easy-to-use GForce Electric Kettle heats up water quickly and keeps it hot so you can enjoy your favorite tea, instant coffee, soup, and other hot beverages within just a few minutes. It features bright LED lights, illuminating the 1.7 Liter capacity. In order to keep making great tasting tea we insure this by having a removable and washable filter built into the spout of the kettle. Designed to keep you safe, it automatically turns off when the water boils with boil-dry protection. This Kettle is built to last so that you can always appreciate the taste of a delicious fresh cup of your choosing. It's not only sleek looking in its impressive design, but also easy to use by including a 360-degree rotating or cordless base for easy serving without the hassle of tangled cords and stay-cool handle and drip-free spout that makes pouring easy .This product is great as a gift and for use in the comfort of your own home, office, or even to take on your next vacation!


• Polished Stainless Steel Body With 1.7 Liter Water Capacity
• Built in Removable Washable Filter
• Bright LED Light Water Level Indicators With On and Off Switch
• Automatic Shut-off Feature To Keep You Safe
• 360° Cordless Rotating Base Allowing You To Serve Guests Seamlessly

Package Includes

1 x Polished Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
1 x Detachable Power Base Unit
1 X Detachable Filter
1 x User Manual In English & Spanish
1 x Warranty Certificate


This is a great kettle. I always would get lazy to prepare my green tea or even have warm water as it is good for health to drink a little warm water. And what better then to have boiled water which has killed any germs.
Moreover for families having kids who need warm water at the tip of their fingers to feed their baby milk, this is a great solution.
It is a cordless kettle with the heating base which has the cord. The kettle only needs to be placed on the base to heat up. One very good feature is that its mouth has a strainer attached. So you can fill in your tea leaves or coffee and let it brew in it. The kettle will stay warm for a very long time. You can directly pour your tea or coffee in your cup and the strainer will strain the leaves.
It has auto shut off function which is very handy as the water will not dry up and even if you forget to turn it off there is nothing to worry about. It has a 1.7 litre capacity which is sufficient.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

Making decisions easier

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. One of the most major decisions you will ever take is buying a car. Being satisfied ...