Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cable Clips - Ideal Wire Organizer / Cable Management System

Product Description

The Secret of Organization and Lifelong Cables, Easily and Cheaply!

Do You Want to Avoid These Common Problems?

- Having more and more cables spread around your desk?
- Looking for a cable and can't find it?
- Loosing time at your desk everyday and every hour? for something you don't need?
- Cable clips unstick after a few days of use?

All these issues can be avoided!

? Introducing the Blue Key World Cable Clips

The Best Cable Clips on The Market:

- Strong TPR Material, SGS Certified, will last forever
- Safe to use anywhere
- Works in all surfaces, plastic, wood, glass, rubber, metal and others
- Easy access to all your cables in the position that you want, very fast plugging of your devices with our multipurpose cable clips
- In 7 seconds or less setup each of our cable clips and your cables are organised
- Innovative cable management system for you and your family and friends

So what's so good about our design?

The Blue Key World Cable Clips are compatible with all cables, this means that you can use this even with the thinest cables. You will get more Productive by Saving Valuable Seconds Every Day That Will Add Up to Hours and Dollars in the End of the Year!


I really liked this cable clip a lot. I had been thinking of buying one from a very long time to hold the cables in place and to avoid getting them pulled and stuck between table legs etc. This item did a great job. It is made of rubber. Its holding clip is a little flexible to allow the cable to go through and it hold them very firmly. It even help my internet wire which is the thickest wire i have.
The adhesive is very strong and sticks amazingly well to the wall. You may want to attach it carefully as the adhesive being too strong will not come off easily so make sure you know for sure where you want to attach this. This is a great item for the price. Very easy to apply and very durable.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

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