Friday, April 24, 2015

GBB 3D Stereoscopic Printing Drawing Pen

Product Description

Color: Blue
Have fun with our GBB 3D Pen.

*DIY a special gift for your lover with GBB 3D Printing Pen in the Valentine's Day

*Come true your childhood dream. Bring the fantastic thoughts into vivid objects.

*Improve Children imagination, broaden their new horizons and develop their creativity


*LED Display: You can visually observed the temperature through the LED screen. Manually control the temperature, the speed, direction, and use either PLA or ABS filament.

*Easy combination: Easily repaired. Just gently press the buckle, and then dividing, easy using.

*Non-metallic nozzle: In order to ensure your safety, we choose the non metallic nozzle which is low temperature when it works.

*Humanized Design: Do the adjustment only with one hand. Adjustable button designs in the front of the pen. No gears limited.

*Ultra light weight: Less than 700g, operate it more easily.

Package Included:

1* GBB 3D Pen
1* Power Adapter
1* Free filament material: 10M, random color
1*User Manual


1)This device is suitable for children over 8 years old and ---adult use, Children should use it under the tutelage of adult.

2) No water sprinkling if you want to use them longer.

3) Keep at safety place after using it.

4) In order to prevent the filament returns automatically, we design the back button specially. Press it more longer when you use that.


This is a great piece of technology gaining popularity these days. I had seen videos about this product but had never tried it from my own hands. And i must say it was a FUN experience.
Creating shapes in such a way that they can be felt with your hands and not just lost on a paper.
This 3D stereoscopic printing drawing pen is very very easy to use and makes fun go to another level. This pack includes a 1.7mm roll of filament. You can purchase filaments of various color to make even more realistic drawings.
The pen basically is heated up when connected to the power and it melts the filament so that you can create shapes and it stays in the shape when cooled down.
You can make just about any design once you get a little practice. I hope my video helps in understanding the product a little better.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

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