Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gravity Sensing Multifunction Pedometer Calorie Sports Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Fitness Band

This is a great pedometer for work outs and even general use.
firstly i love the color. its so vibrant and nice. And this is my first pedometer which can be used as a wrist band and also has an attachment for tucking on your jeans.
IT has gravity sensor so it is preferred to wear it on your wrist. It calculated my step simultaneously as i took a step. It was almost accurate. it shows the time and date, the steps taken .calories burnt and the distance walked. Before going to sleep change it to sleep mode. it can keep a track and you can sync this to your pc (with bluetooth or wire) or your phone (via bluetooth) and store the details in the app which is given in the instruction manual.
the app will store and keep a track of all the details and you can maintain and keep a check of your workouts.
The tracker doesnt have any physical button but rather it is touch sensitive and also displays when shaken. the touch did not work as good as the shake which is why i deducted one star but the shake worked great. one shake will display on the screen.
Its is very useful as i have been going to gym and need this to keep a track of how much i am burning up.


  • Get data synced by connecting it to PC via USB or bluetooth transmission. Compatible with Android and IOS systems. Full-touch design without keys( all the operations can be done through either clicking the screen with finger or shaking the device). And its reaction sensitivity might differ in different intensity of shaking and tapping. If it's not reacting very sensitively, you can tap it couple of more times to see the data.
  • This device calculates your steps by its gravity sensing problem. So we suggest you wear it on your wrist instead of put it in your pocket.
  • 【Data Synchronization】 :The device needs to be kept connected when the data is being synchronized. For bluetooth transmission, it should be at least Bluetooth 4.0/Android 4.3/Iphone4S. Sports Data can be synchronized to PC software via USB or to the matched App on your mobile via bluetooth connection (if your phone doesn't support Bluetooth transmission, please get your data synced to the pc software).
  • 【Two Modes】: Sport Mode and Sleep Mode. 【Charge】: Please charge it first before you use it.
  • 【Download/Installation/Register】 : Please go to the specified website on the manual, click the "EN" on the upper right of page to convert the website to English version. Download the "Synchronization software" on PC or the "ibody sports" app on your mobile; Install it. Register an account; Bind it to your ibody account via App or PC. (For PC download,system should be at least Windows 7 system. It doesn't support XP system; For App download, It should be at least IOS6.0 or at least Android 2.1).

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