Tuesday, April 14, 2015

JENNIE LIU Women's 100% Cashmere Long Sleeve V Neck Contemporary Cashmere Hoodie

Product Description

This stripped cashmere sweater features a v neck opening with hood and kangaroo pockets. the three color mini stripes offers an exceptional soft and elegant look.

The entire sweater is soft and comfy, it will fit perfectly on you and start to sooth your delicate skin immediately. All our cashmere sweaters are made in Inner Mongolia with the genuine local cashmere fiber which has the finest micron and offers the softest hand and elegant appeal. Anyone who is looking for the genuine original Inner Mongolian cashmere, you should definitely try on these sweaters, you will feel the different immediately.


These are the most comfortable sweaters that i have. Made of 100% cashmere this sweater is soft and have a feathery feel to it. Its very light on the skin and so smooth that you wont feel like you have anything on. But it will keep you nice and snuggled. Its great for both summers and winters as the material is such that you wont feel very warm during summers and it will keep you cozy during winters.
I love the color, its so fresh and vibrant. The sweater should be dry cleaned and not washed in the machine as it may damage it.
This runs a size small so you want to order one size larger than you normally would. Really loved the the sweater.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

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