Sunday, April 12, 2015

KitchenPRO Stainless Steel Cake Master Decorating Tip Set, 56pc, with Hinged Storage Box

Product Description

Suitable for professionals and home bakers, the KitchenPRO Stainless Steel Cake Master Decorating Tip Set contains everything you need for beautiful icing designs, including script, swirls, ropes, stars, leaves and more. With these lightweight, seamless and easy to use tips, your only limit is your imagination.


- Contains 56 of a cake decorating professional's most popular decorating tools including tubes, coupler and flower nails
- Made from corrosive-resistant #304 stainless steel, which has no seams for icing perfectly
- Easy to clean with tip brush
- Each tip is numbered to make following cake design instructions easy

How It Works

Whether baking is your hobby and passion, or your livelihood and profession, the KitchenPro Cake Decoration Kit is perfect as a gift for yourself or a favorite baker. Used with buttercream, meringue, and melted chocolate, you and your family will be impressed with the results as you create cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other beautiful treats. You will love the variety and having a tip for all of your decorating purposes. Make beautiful cupcakes and cakes into works of art, or just something fun for friends and family. The KitchenPro Cake Decoration Kit has the tips you need for the cake decorating vision you have!


I love this cake decorating set. It is perfect. It comes with 56 decorating heads. It is made of stainless steel and is anti corrosive so your decorating tips will last you a very long time without going bad.
The kit also comes with a coupler which fits easily with all the tips, making the job very easy.
I tried out this as soon i received it. It gives out such nice shapes that you can let your imagination go wild.
I previously had just 2 heads and all my creativity would have to work with that I thought i had done good enough but since i am using this I have started creating designs I did not imagine could be done so easily. The tips are easy to work with.
The box is nicely designed and all the tips fit in well. Its such a cute box that it can be used for gifting purposes too.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

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