Sunday, April 5, 2015

NewEAR Digital Hearing Enhancing Amplifier Aid

These hearing aids are one of the very good ones i have come across at a great price. There give nice and clear sound. There wasnt any disturbance or interference that i could notice but i will will update the review if i do find any.
There are small and compact size and hide well behind the ear. These come with extra ear plug to fit your ear and you can change as per your comfort. There are volume control buttons so you can adjust the volume as per your preference. Also there is option to change mode from high frequency to low frequency.
You may check out the video for a demo.


  • 1 x Zinc-Air A13 cell battery,Digitally enhanced hearing quality, It comes with 2 tip sizes and will fit left or right ear.
  • Micro BTE and Air Construction design,virtually invisible and lightweight
  • Gradually and comfortably increases sound levels according to your unique needs by digital volume control

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