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About Gem Stone King

The story of Gem Stone King is the story that proves the saying that “the more things change, the more they remain the same".

Today, Gem Stone King is a leading online jewelry company with over 300,000 Internet sales. While Internet technology is relatively new, the family that owns Gem Stone King has been in the diamond business for over 100 years.

Gem Stone King is proud to offer their clientele a wide range of products including: beautiful polished diamonds, colored diamonds in a range of exciting colors (pink, rainbow-red, orange, yellow, blue and green), loose gemstones and fine designer jewelry. The quality is unsurpassed and all of our collections cater to the latest fashion trends.

You can have a look at their collection at their website at-

These are some of their collection which I got to try out and I am very impressed by their quality.

If you like wearing some thing on your hand which is casual yet trendy then this is a great choice. Its a very delicate looking bracelet. It will fit almost any hand as this has an extender. I removed the extender and wore this and am pretty sure a healthy hand will fit as perfectly with the extender on.
It has cubic zirconia stones on it with 3 heart shaped stones too for that perfect feminine design. It goes well with my every day look and can be worn occasionally for special days too. Its very light weight. The pink stones make it a little eye catchy and be sure to get noticed by others. It comes in a beautiful long gift box of the bracelet's length. It makes for the perfect gifting item.

I loved this earring. Its so pretty. Made up of ,925 sterling silver and black cubic zirconia.
I love the tear drop shape of this earring. It hangs an inch below the ear lobe and looks very feminine and cute. Its very light weight and perfect for any occasion. I can wear this on any outfit which is great. Be it your girlfriend or wife, mother or daughter, this will make for a perfect gift.
Its very affordable for the quality. It comes in a gorgeous gift box with a bow on it making this a complete gift.

Being born in May Emerald is my birthstone. I really like its intense green color. This set is made of 5.35 carat Green created emerald which means it has been created in a lab but it is very close to the original chemical properties.
I usually do buy such stones as they are more durable and last a very long time with out much maintenance.
But this set looks as genuine as it could be. The stone is set on .925 rose gold plated silver. I love the rose gold color as it gives the look of an 18 carat gold which is a very mild golden color. The white stone are Zirconia. The pendant is 18 inches long and is very fragile and nice.
When I wore this for a party the other night i got a lot of compliments and people did really seem to think I am wearing a real diamond set. The intricate design and make of this brand speaks for itself in the gorgeous product they make. I am so happy with this item. It also comes in a beautiful gift box which makes this the perfect item for gifting for any occasion.

This is one of those earrings which is your first choice no matter what dress you are wearing or what occasion it is. Its a very classic pair of earring made of .925 sterling silver and has black and white cubic zirconia.
It measures about 1/2 an inch and fits perfectly on your ear lobe. This earring has no age bar. Be it young or old, its perfect for any one. When I opened the gorgeous gift box it came it I felt a WOW come out. The stone work is really intricate and nice. It almost can pass off for a genuine diamond earring. Even though I have sensitive skin this did not irritate me at all. It weighs about 2.95 Grams so its pretty light weight. I really loved this earring. 

This is that perfect earring for your formal wear. I personally love the rose gold color as opposed to golden color as this is a light and pleasing tone of gold.
This is a very elegant piece with 1.68 carat white Zirconia stone setting on .925 sterling silver with rose gold plated. This earring dangles below as its a 3inches earring and great for casual and formal wear. It is very light weight. I have sensitive skin and not many materials suit me for jewellery but this did not cause any kind of irritation.

Turquoise is well known for its protective properties and used to be worn as an amulet to protect people from injury. I like turquoise for its unique color. This is an 18 inch necklace made of Turquoise Howlite. This material is used to replicate Turquoise and this brand has done a great job with its product.
It looks simply beautiful. I really like the design and how each bead is made in a knotted shape. This necklace bring s a lot of drama to your outfit and really stands out. It has a toggle hook which looks very unique and adds to the gorgeous design. You can keep your outfit simple and wear this to highlight and this necklace itself will complete your look. It comes in a beautiful gift box and makes it completely ready to be gifted.

For people like me who did not know what Briolette means, i did a bit of research and this is what it means- briolette is an elongated pear-shaped gemstone cut with facets. So basically its like a teardrop shape or something like a chandelier with facets. This shape is truly charming. It hangs just below my ear lobe.
This earring is made of Natural Amethyst and set on a .925 sterling silver. The gem weight is 18 carat and this speaks for its purity.
Amethyst is known for its healing properties and many prefer wearing it.
This earring comes in a beautifully crafted gift box which enhances the look of this product. This makes for a perfect gifting item.

Peridot is a gem-quality variety of olivine. It is well known for its psychological healing properties. It also is known for its properties in gaining fame and dignity. It is one of the rare stones which occur only in one color.
This pear shaped green peridot earring is perfect for the summers. Its clear green color is very vivid and full of life. The earring looks gorgeous. It is well designed with the 2.34 carat peridot stone in between and white Zirconia stones surrounding it. It looks very elegant when worn on any occasion. I wore this for a party the other day and received so many compliments that have been wearing it everyday since. It comes in a beautiful gift box making this a great gifting option. Gemstoneking has some really amazing jewellery which speak for itself. Once you have tried it i am sure you will buy more again.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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