Tuesday, May 19, 2015

About the Newa® Skin Care System

The Newa® Skin Care System is the best and most effective anti-aging device on the market for homecare use. The Newa® is an innovative device clinically tested by physicians and skincare professionals. The Newa skincare system works for you, the treatments from using the Newa® 3DEEP technology will result in a luxuriant youthful skin. The Newa® is so effective that after only a month of continuous treatments you will only need to do maintenance once or twice a week to maintain a healthy youthful appearance.

Skin care System that is Safe and Painless

The Newa® provides a safe and painless rejuvenation treatment that will provide an effective anti-aging result. There are many treatments on the market today that can cause a potential harm such as skin peeling, Botox injections, and surgical facelifts. It’s known that invasive surgical procedures carry risks that many times outweigh the benefits. But the Newa skin care will provide a safe, pleasant and long term results without the damages of other invasive skin care treatments.


How much money would you spend on going for botox injections or using skin peels. And how painful that is too. This skin care system is a much safer and painless way to get a youthful skin in no time. Using the device is very easy.
It comes with complete instructions on how to use the device. There are two modes setting for heat intensity and I was able to use it on low mode for most of the time except switching to high mode at times in between. It does make the skin red for a few minutes but that is because of the heating device. It will fade away in some time.
It will take a few weeks for the results to show visibly but this is a great option against the other used.

You may purchase the device from this link- http://www.newaonline.com/newa-skin-rejuvenation-system/

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  1. Interesting device. Well worth trying this out. Thank you for another great review. As always very informative!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Always appreciated.


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