Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bed Bug Killer By Eco Defense

Product Description

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer. Kills Bed Bugs. ON CONTACT
✓ ERADICATE BED BUGS IN YOUR HOME - Eco Defense uses a proprietary blend of All Natural Organic ingredients to Kill Bed Bugs on Contact. Don't let Bed Bugs infest your home and put you and your family at risk. Eco Defense Kills adults, eggs, and nymphs FAST and prevent them before they have a chance to invade your home or property.
✓ ELIMINATE BED BUGS COST EFFECTIVELY - No need to hire an Exterminator using dangerous chemicals and pesticides around your family (** University research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to poison based products** ). Eco Defense Bed Bug Spray was created and is currently used by professional exterminators so you know it works! ✓ 100% CHILD AND PET SAFE - Eco Defense does not use Chemicals, Pesticides, or Poisonous Ingredients. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer was formulated to Kill Bed Bugs while being 100% safe around your children and pets. You can be rest assured that when using Any Eco Defense products your family will not be exposed to the dangers and long term side effects these chemicals cause. Let the All Natural, Organic, and Non Toxic Ingredients put an END to your Bed Bug Problem.
ELIMINATE BED BUGS. 100% Guaranteed.


Bed bugs are terrible and if you have them once infested in your beds then they are very hard to get rid off. You cannot see them all the time and when you are sleeping they bite you. Its really bad.
This spray is really handy for this. It helps in eliminating bed bugs and also eggs and nymphs. It kills on contact. The good thing is it is odorless and colorless, so if you spray this to your bed you need not worry about the smell harming you and even the bed will stay nice and clean.
Its spray nozzle is easy to use.
It does not contain any harmful ingredients and is child and pet safe. Its a great product.

I was lucky to receive this for my honest opinion.

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