Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cyber-Bay Strong Flexible Tripod Stand with Free Mobile Cell Phone Holder.

Product Description

A fantastic High Quality Flexible Tripod that you can trust. Be one of the many people who love the Foto Buddy Flexible Tripod. Use it to take those amazing memories with friends and family. Want that awesome selfie? That fantastic shot that no-one else can get? Then this Flexible Tripod is for you. Use this Flexible Tripod With the FREE phone holder attachment to hang from a tree and get that amazing picture. It can be placed almost anywhere with its precision designed wrapable legs that will keep your device secure whilst you get that special moment captured.

It can wrap around trees, branches, rails, poles, stair railings and it also can be secured on uneven ground or hang it on the fence? The possibilities are endless. This tripod can also be used as a support for your tablet device as shown in the pictures. Tripod size 185mm x 42mm x 36mm, phone holder size 88mm x 52mm x 28mm.It also has the universal 1/4-20mm thread which can be used to attach your digital camera, camcorders, SLR's Go-Pro attachments and other devices that use this fixing. Become one of the many happy users buy clicking "add to cart" and join countless happy customers who love the Flexible Tripod. You will not be dissapointed.


This is a cute little tripod stand to hold your cell phone. It has flexible legs which can help to roll around and hold on to any surface like a pole or branch of a tree etc. The head also rotates to get any viewing angle.
This is so compact and nice that you can carry it in your purse. This is great for me as I usually watch youtube videos on my cell phone and hate holding my phone in my hand for a long time. This helps in placing my phone at one place. Also when I am in the car I can hang my phone and watch videos and even use the GPS without having to hold the phone in my hand.

I was lucky to receive this at a discount or no cost for my honest and unbiased review.

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