Monday, May 11, 2015

FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

Product Description

These are the perfect bluetooth headphones for running, working out in the gym, or just daily activity where you want to be free from those annoying wires. Stylish, comfortable and easy-to-use, simply connect these wireless earbuds to your smart phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy your newfound audio freedom. The FSL Reflex are not only the best Bluetooth sports earphones available, they are simply the best Bluetooth earphones.
Stylish, minimalist design You don't want anything flashy, you just want to listen to your music with no distraction. The FSL Reflex Bluetooth earbuds are black and grey and feature a stylish, minimalistic design that is focused on functionality and user comfort.
Bluetooth connectivity means no wires Starting today you'll never have to deal with tangled headphone wires, getting caught in headphone wires, or accidentally yanking a headphone out of your ear ever again. Connect easily to your iPhone, iPod, Android smart phone or tablet with the Bluetooth wireless functionality and enjoy hassle-free listening.
Package includes hard case, extra eartips Wondering if these bluetooth earbuds will fit your ears? Four different sizes of rubber eartips are included, so whether your ears are large or small you're sure to find a comfortable fit. And once you're done listening, zip all the pieces up in the hard case for safe keeping.
Water resistant and sweat-proof If you're used to running in the rain or working up a heavy sweat in the gym, you won't have to worry about damage to these behind the neck headphones. A rating of IPX-3 makes the FSL Reflex earbuds highly resistant to liquids like rain, sweat and water. They are also backed by a 3 year warranty.


These are a great pair of earphones. They come with many options for the plugs and ear hooks to give you the maximum comfort. It stays snug in one place and the clarity of sound is good. One great thing about this is that it has double battery life so it stays charged for a very long time. IPX-3 rated water resistance makes these Bluetooth earbuds sweat and rain-proof
It connects easily via bluetooth and the range is good too. The bass was ok but could have been better. Other wise every thing else was perfect. The mic has volume control and sound is clear on both ends of the phone. The FSL earphones offer headset function, stopping the music to receive an incoming call. The battery stays charged for a good amount of time. I like these earphones.
I was lucky to receive this under promotion but my opinions are unbiased.

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  1. I think when someone choose a bluetooth earphones, one of things they consider is stable wearing, with the curved band resting on the back of the neck, thus not interfering with their vision or movements. FSL Reflex maybe is not as stable as SONY SBH80 . They are designed for sporty or active people.


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