Sunday, May 3, 2015

IRULU Upgraded Version 7 inch Y1 KidPad

Product Description

Sell Points:

* Environmentally healthy materials and a unique design.Designed with rounded corners without stabbing edges.
* Durable: Shockproof anti-fall design. Four soft silicone edges, flexible, effective protection for the machine and children.
* The matched Tempered Glass Protector screen offers a full body protection every single time. And no worry of screen breaking if an accident happens.

1. The charging voltage is 5V.
2. Charger safety-certified.
3. Battery certified by MSDS,UD38.3.
4.The machine passes the quality control tests of SGS,ROSH.
5.Electrostatic discharge protection, protects children from electrostatic damage.
6.Food-grade silicone material as surface: Certified by SGS, ROSH. It's worry free if baby bites. Parental control system on this tablet:
Child mode:
Children& system
Six modules with over more than 20 applications.
Thousands of free applications are available to assist with study. Let it accompany your children as they grow up.
Adult model:
Thousands of free Android apps available on Google Play.
Parental control system
Parents' settings:
Go to settings click on parental controls, enter the password (the default password is 1234).Parents have 100% control what children do before they can tell right from wrong.

Click the limitation management:
Parents can set baby's usage time, help strengthen the child's self-control. Enter the password, click on "exit app" into Android you will see how good it is.

Package contents
iRulu Tablet PC*1
Tempered Glass Screen Protector*1
Micro USB Cable*1
User Manual*1
AC Adapter*1
Packing Box*1

In the fast moving technological world today where everything is at our finger tips, the schooling systems and habits of kids have changed a lot too. They are fast adapting to the new gadgets out there. I have seen kids always wanting to use the tablet and laptop and smartphones and even using them with ease.
But its not always safe to give them these gadgets to play around with. This kidpad bu Irulu is great for this.
Its a tablet for your kids which has full parental control on what your kids use and how they use it. Its a great gadget for them to learn and even play.
This is a 7 inch tablet having android 4.2 jelly bean. It has a 512 mb RAM and 8 gb ROM. Its got dual camera. It also has a microSD slot. Its got all the features of a good tablet. The interface is very cute and kids friendly. Its made for the kids so when you start up the screen it has cute icons on it and display is nice and bright.
It has fun application for drawing and games can be downloaded from the Irulu app store. Its got a parental control password using which you can setup which icon will open which application etc. Its all in your hands and you can make this learning experience for your kids fun and safe. The built of the tablet is nice with silicon covering on all four sides for protection. It comes with a complimentary glass protector. Its a great device which is entirely built for kids. I was lucky to receive this for full discount for my honest opinion.

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