Monday, June 15, 2015

Cyber-Bay High Definition 7" Color TFT LCD Display Monitor Doorbell

Product Description

Pattern Name: 4-wired
This video doorbell is the updated designed modern high-class security product. It adopts cctv monitoring theory, displaying the outside situation from the inside LCD display. It shows clear image with stable function. Its easy to be installed and convenient to use. Its;s suitable for different kinds of security monitor system, especially for modern family security.
1. When visitors press the doorbell button on the outdoor unit, you;ll hear the door bell sound you set earlier. And you can see the image of visitor; image on the indoor unit at the same time. Visitors will hear feedback rings which suggests if the owner answers.
2. Press the Talk button to talk with visitors and press again to turn off the display. Also, it will automatically turn off in 60 secs if you do not operate it.
3. After talk, press Unlock button to unlock the door. If you hold the Alarm button for 2 secs, the outdoor unit will make a sharp warning sound to warn the person outside.
4. Press the Monitor button to check the situation outside your door, and press again to turn the monitor off.
5. You can adjust the brightness of LCD, the doorbell volume by rotating the wheel on the right side of the indoor unit.
6. 9 bell sounds for option: Under standby status, hold the Monitor button till bell rings to enter bell setting mode, then press Alarm button again and again till you find the sound you like. Press Talk button once to save your setting and exit bell setting mode.
7. When there are several indoor units, press Alarm button once under standby mode to proceed internal call.

Package Include:
Indoor Unit * 1
Outdoor Unit * 1
50m Cable connects indoor unit and outdoor unit * 1
Installation Metal Stent * 1
Matching Screws * 8
English Manual *1


Now you can have a hi tech video doorbell right at your home. This is a great product and I had fun using it.

The screen size is 7 inches which is pretty good and gives a clear and good view. The picture quality is good. The unit is easy to setup with every thing explained in the user manual. I only wish the wires' color coding was mentioned in the manual which is not, but I used the universal color coding method to attach the wires which you can see in my video to help you out if you are trying to instal this.

The cable connecting the indoor and outdoor unit is 50 meters long which is more then enough.

There are buttons on the monitor with icons made which itself makes it easy to make out what the icon is used for. This unit has 8 different doorbell ringtones to select from. The speaker also works well and is clear on both sides. You may want to talk into the mic to be heard better.

A great product overall and totally recommended.

Sample received at discount or no cost for honest opinion.

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