Friday, July 24, 2015

Hi from me to my readers :)

I have been managing this blog for quite some time and I regularly check out how many page views I have, people from which countries are reading my blog and what content is being the most favorite.

At the beginning it was a few single digit numbers but as slowly my page grew I have hundreds of readers browsing my page EVERYDAY. It feels nice that people take out time and read what you have to say. And suddenly I felt like a celebrity of sorts. Isn't having a fan base kind of make you a celebrity?

And when you are being constantly followed people like to know what you are all about. I have frequently getting emails from my fans and even brands about who this young @ heart is and why the name behind it and all.

Well I am a simple girl doing simple daily work like every one of you. I wake up in the morning, have breakfast and start off on my virtual journey. That is how my typical morning are. As a blogger my work does not end 9 to 5 or at any hour for that matter. I am here at all times connected some way or the other. Well the pay is really less compared to the time input (at least for the starters like me). I am here answering emails and what not till my eyes shut down.

I salute the Mommy bloggers who not only manage this full time task but also the job of being a wife and a mother which are a toll taking job in its own sense. I do not think the readers out here ever imagine how it is to be doing what we do. No its not really doing work at our own leisure. We have deadlines too.
Agreed we do not have a boss standing on our heads but isn't that the reason we started blogging in the first place? To have our opinions heard without being pressurized.

A little about me. Well age doesn't define me. And I do not believe it defines any one. Its the heart of a person that makes each act out according to it and behave how it makes them behave, which decides how old a person really is. If they are facially 60 but love watching cartoons then yes they are young. That is how I try and live my life. Try and be young @ heart. Say what you like, behave how you like.
And yes do all the household chores and the out of home chores and be a good person :) Because feeling young is not going to complete all your grown up tasks :P


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