Monday, February 1, 2016

Aicok 1.7-liter Variable Temperature Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Cordless Water Kettle

Product Description

Size: 1.7L

Aicok makes it easy to boil water with attractive, easy-to-use kettles. The great performance features you'll appreciate year after year.

☞ Generalized Tips

    • White teas: 165°F (Well before it boils)
    • Green teas: 170-185°F (Just as steam begins to leave the spout of the teapot)
    • Oolong teas: 180-205°F (After cooling for a few minutes off a boil)
    • Black teas: 205°F (After cooling for a minute off a boil)
    • Pu-erh teas: 212°F (When boiling)

✚ More Features

    ● Preset Temperature Controls with Indicators - 'SET' button is more convenient for setting temperature and you no longer need to remember every temperature button.
    ● Rapid-boil System - heats fast, approximately 6 minutes at 212˚F and maximum level.
    ● Memory Feature - leave the kettle off the base for 90 seconds and when returned to the base, it will continue the heating or keep warm cycles right where it left off.
    ● Easy-Open Lid - automatic lid-opening button at the top of lid, easy for open and close.

★ Important

    • Please keep the kettle away from kids when the water is boiling.
    • When you're not using the kettle, keep it unplugged or in a locked room. 


Electric kettles are some what a necessity in all homes and especially where you have kids and need hot water instantly to make their milk or even tend to guests with their tea. I have been using electric kettles of different brand since 2 years and did not think I would change to another one till I got this one.

I loved the fact that I can set the temperature of the water. In my older one it just heated the water and it was done but this one is one step further and I can decide the temperature at which I want my water to be heated. There is a water gauge where I can see how much water is filled in. This heats up the water pretty quickly. The handle remains cool so it is easy to hold and operate.

Sample received at discount or no cost for honest opinion.

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